Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 144) Calm

“Aged wine, she must have been a connoisseur.” Viktor mumbles as he places the bottle back on the shelf. “What do we have over here?” He says as he steps across the room and slides another bottle from its resting place. “Ah, okay. This one is only a year old so you haven’t had time to be worth much more, you’re coming with me.” He laughs as he takes the bottle with him back upstairs to the main room.

The heavy pounding of thunder has moved off in the distance, but it left behind a steady rain that continues to fall. Looking out at the mountain path, Nadja sits quietly waiting for Carl to join her. From the large front window of his cabin, she can see the train station, the path to the cottage, and the old country store. She knows it will not be long before this little area and the dwellers who reside here will be nestled in, waiting for the snow to come.

Nadja has only been on the mountain twice in her entire life when a snowstorm has come through. Once when she was a young teenager and the other was only four years ago. She has fond memories of each event. Aunt Josephine always made the best sugar cookies and they would spend time baking and decorating the tasty treats. Of course, the staff members at the factory were thrilled as well because they were the happy recipients of such sugary delights.

Her favorite times of all were the nights of sitting near the fireplace, talking about their plans for the future, the factory, moments they held close to their hearts and the nightly wanderings of their bedtime dreams. The stories her aunt would tell mesmerized her because most of them came to her while in a sleep state. Nadja found this fascinating and it kept her on task with journaling every night before bed and after a dream.

Sitting here, watching out the window of Carl’s cabin, the memories come flooding into her mind as beautifully vivid expressions. The snow always capped the sounds of the forest with a hush. It always seemed to bring a peaceful silence to the mountains.

“That is what I need,” Nadja says as she rests her head on her hand, “a quiet calm.”


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