Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 145) Relief

A distant rumble of thunder rolls for a long time as if slipping down the mountainside to the valley below. Tipping her head to the right, Nadja has a full view of the train station but the evening train has not arrived and it is half an hour late already.

“I hope Carl makes it here okay.” Nadja mumbles to herself. “They couldn’t have shut the line down already.” She says as she continues to look in the direction of the small station. “Maybe the rain washed away part of the track, I hope not.”

She checks her phone to make sure she has not missed a message from Carl, but nothing is there, not even a reply from Viktor. Opening her picture file, she looks at Viktor’s image once again. He appears calm and relaxed with his head tipped sideways slightly leaning on the window of the train. She is confused as to why he has not responded since up to this point, he was very quick to reply to messages. Doubt is beginning to creep back into her thoughts about him. It just seems odd that communication from Viktor stopped about the same time the authorities apprehended Aaron and sent him away.

The sound of the train whistle shakes Nadja from her deep thoughts as she leans closer to the glass to watch the activity at the depot. Sure enough, she sees Carl, that big loveable man, pulling a handcart loaded with boxes and he is heading toward his cabin.

“He stocked us up on supplies.” She grins as she rushes to the door.

The rain is falling heavy and Carl pulls his hood tighter around his face to avoid getting soaked. Not really paying attention to anything other than where he is placing his feet, he finally looks up and sees Nadja grinning at the open door.

“Hey there!” Carl yells in a happy tone. “I thought I’d better go shopping so we won’t end up starving to death once this storm really gets cranking. Snow is coming, you know!”

“Yes, I am actually kind of excited for that!” Nadja yells back so he can hear her above the noise of the rain.

“You have a twisted sense of fun my dear.” Carl grins as he pulls the cart of boxes across the threshold of his home.

Laughing, Nadja closes the door and follows Carl to the kitchen area of his cabin. She feels such a relief of anxiety to have him here and she wonders if he has any news about Aaron. However, she hates to ask the question and ironically, Carl feels much the same, but his need to know is quite deep.


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