Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 147) Misty

“When he sent this photo today,” Nadja holds her phone up for Carl to see, “I recognized him. We have been chatting on a dream interpretation site for a few days but, I just don’t know what to think about it all. Is it possible that he is traveling here in his dreams?” She walks across the room and looks out the window. “He knew about the secret room, Carl. He described it perfectly and even referenced the conversation between you and me.”

“I think we need to head up to the cottage.” Carl says in a low tone. “We only have a couple hours of daylight left, and I know outside in this mess is not where we want to be, but we have to solve this mystery. We need to find and talk with Viktor. Why has he not reached out to you?”

“I don’t know. Maybe there is a connection between him and Aaron. Maybe they both left the village together. I just do not know for sure.” She says softly.

“Or it could be a simple cell tower problem.” Carl says with his typical stay-positive attitude. “Come on, let’s get some rain gear on and head up the trail.

The sky is gray with heavy clouds slowly moving east along the mountain range. Puddles of water have already formed in low areas of the trail as the rain continues to fall at a steady pace. The large evergreen trees stand tall against the gentle wind that blows against them in small bursts. Carl and Nadja know this is the calm-before-the-storm as the temperature continues to drop causing foggy misty patches to form low to the ground.

Wearing light green rain coats that have a thick internal lining of cotton fabric for warmth, they pull their hoods up over their heads. Almost in unison, they lift small backpacks of food onto their shoulders and begin to walk along the gravel trail in the direction of the cottage.

“I’m sorry Carl.” Nadja says in a loud voice so she can be heard over the rain.

“For what?” Carl questions as he gives her a quick glance.

“For being complicated.” She replies.

“Now Nadja, you are like a daughter to me. There is nothing you can do that would make me not want to be here for you and to help you.” Carl says as he tugs at the front of his hood. “I worry about you and want you safe, so if this guy Viktor is at the cottage or along this path, I want to know about it.” Carl laughs and then says, “And put him in his place if needed.”

Nadja laughs as they continue along the trail. She does not say anything else until they find themselves at the halfway point, near the ranger’s hut and the tunnel that leads to Aunt Josephine’s bedroom.

“Are we going to take the tunnel?” Nadja questions as she points in the direction of it.

“No, not this time.” Carl replies. “Your friend would not know about it.” He then pauses. “Well, then again maybe he does, but I doubt if he is in trouble or needs help, that he would be in there. No, more than likely, he will be along this path.”

“Oh, I didn’t think of that.” Nadja says quickly. “You are right and we are going to be soaked by the time we get the last half of this walk done.”

“Yes, Ma’am. There is no doubt about that!” Carl says in an agreeable tone as a splash of water drips on his nose.


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