Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 149) Stern

“Viktor?” Nadja says as she and Carl enter the room closing the door behind them.

“Yes. Nadja?” Viktor replies, his voice sounds funny to him.

Pushing the hoods of their rain jackets off their heads, both Nadja and Carl stand still just looking at him. There is tension in the small structure and Viktor feels very nervous, unsettled, as if he does not belong there and in a way, he doesn’t. Then it hits him, he is inside the cottage and in not owning a key, he had to have broken in.

“Oh, I can explain how I got in.” He quickly states as he wipes his wet hands on his pants.

“Well I think you should hop to it.” Carl says as he helps Nadja out of her raincoat.

Stepping toward them, Viktor stops in the entrance between the living room and kitchen. The layout of the tiny structure is in such a pattern that it seems bigger than it actually is. However, right now to Viktor, it feels incredibly small. He looks at Nadja, her hair wet along the edge of her face where the hood of the raincoat failed to cover her strands. She is silent and expressionless.

“So? Have you an explanation as to how you broke in?” Carl questions as he steps closer to Viktor.

“Yes, Sir. I do, but you may not believe me.” He replies and then looks again to Nadja for a reaction.

Quietly, Nadja walks over to the fireplace and holds her hands out to warm them closer to the flames. She remains quiet and does not look at Viktor as she lets Carl do his questioning. She has watched Carl control Aaron so she trusts what he is doing.

“I do not believe you know me well enough to grasp my belief system.” Carl states in a stern manner.

“You are correct, I don’t.” Viktor says as he looks down second-guessing the money and time he spent to get to this point. “It started to rain hard and I noticed the window over the sink,” he points in that direction, “it was unlocked so I pushed it up and came inside.” He says as he turns back to look at Carl. “I wedged a wooden spoon in it so someone will really have to work to get in that way again, you know, if it’s left unlocked again.” He does not wish to disclose the cut in the glass, but then wonders if once noticed, if he will be accused of doing it, but it is too late to backtrack now.

Viktor looks over at Nadja and she has a slight grin on her face. Actually, he is not sure if it is a grin or if she is disgusted with his story. Looking at Carl, he notices the older man’s face relaxes a bit.

“I built the fire to warm up to and plan to gather more wood as soon as the rain lets up. I’m sorry, I know how this looks but I do not have any ill intent here.” Viktor says honestly. “I will leave if you want me to.”

“No, I believe you, VikT1000.” Nadja grins as she uses his blog name and then looks at Carl. “I do not want to send him out in this mess.” She glances at the front window.

“Are you working with Aaron? Do you know him?” Carl questions of Viktor and both stand perfectly still.


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