Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 150) Truth

“No, I don’t know anything about this Aaron guy, except that in my dream. . .” Viktor pauses for he knows how odd this sounds. “All I can say is that I have very vivid and controllable dreams. I have been here several times and talked to the older woman with the long hair who I believe is Nadja’s aunt.”

Viktor is frustrated and afraid they do not believe a word he is saying. However, with this remark barely out of Viktor’s mouth, Carl swiftly turns his eyes to Nadja and does not say a word. Looking up at him as if trying to read his thoughts, Nadja seems puzzled.

“What is it Carl?” She questions and with a quick glance, she looks at Viktor then back to Carl.

“Nothing,” Carl states as he looks at the photographs resting on the fireplace mantel.

“Oh, I just remembered, she said if I need to prove my innocence, and it appears I do, I should recite the following phrase.” Viktor looks from Nadja to Carl.

Carl and Nadja look at each other for just a second and then turn their attention back to Viktor. He stands silent and then looks down at the floor as he tries to recall the exact saying.

“I don’t have a clue how this will make any difference but here goes.” Viktor says in a mumble as if embarrassed. “Through lifetimes of days asleep and awake, I’ll always find my way to the place near the lake.”

Immediately, Carl takes one step back and then turns around to face the front door. Without a word, he walks over to the wet glass and looks out at the dark world that surrounds the little cottage.

“Carl?” Nadja questions as she glances at Viktor with wide questioning eyes. “Are you alright?”

“He is telling you the truth, Nadja. He is being honest.” Carl states without moving, he then sniffles and clears his throat. “I was never able to be free at night like Josie, she was so connected to the mysteries of the world.” Carl rubs his nose and sniffles again. “The phrase was one she and I created so that if we ever became separated in death, we would always remember to come here and find each other again.”

Nadja begins to tear up as she walks over and puts her arms around Carl’s waist. The big man immediately pulls her into a bear hug as they stand there silently weeping. Viktor remains alone in the doorway of the kitchen feeling awkward with this situation.


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