Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 151) Snow

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, that’s just what she told me to say.” Viktor states in a calm tone.

“No son, I’m not upset, I’m just surprised and I guess I shouldn’t be.” Carl states quickly. “I always knew she was special, more in tune than the rest of us.” He sniffles again. “For you to know that phrase, I am confident Josie likes you and believes you to be a good person.” Carl releases his hug with Nadja. “It is nice to meet you, Viktor.” Carl says as he walks over to Viktor and shakes his hand.

“It is nice to meet you too.” Viktor says still a little on guard. “So I take it Josie is your aunt?” He looks to Nadja for the answer.

“Yes, to me she was and always will be Aunt Josephine. Carl is the only one who could get away with shortening her name.” Nadja laughs. “They were, and in actuality still are, soul mates.” She loops her arm though Carl’s arm and he once again clears his throat.

“She passed in her sleep two months ago.” Carl says as he looks in the direction of Josephine’s bedroom. “I woke up early, had a supply shipment coming in and I needed to catch the first train down the mountain.” Carl runs his finger along the corner of his right eye as he continues to look toward the bedroom. “Before I slipped out of bed Josie touched my face with her hand. She looked at me and smiled, then we shared our final kiss.” He looks down. “If I had any idea that was going to be the end,” Carl pauses and clears his throat.

“It is okay, Carl.” Nadja says softly as the big man steps into the shadows of the room and out of the light. “She is beautiful, isn’t she?” Nadja directs this question to Viktor as she steps closer to him.

“Your aunt? Yes.” Viktor says as fact. “You look just like her but younger.” Viktor then realizes how flirty that sounds and instantly feels embarrassed but Nadja laughs in understanding.

“It’s okay, I know what you meant. We were always mistaken as Mother and daughter and for those with bad eyesight, as sisters!” Nadja grins. “I would like to hear about your experiences with her and the things she has said to you. Aunt Josephine was one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure to know. You are lucky to have connected with her.”

“The rain is turning over to snow.” Carl says as he steps back into the conversation. “Nadja, may I have a word with you?”

“Um, yes.” Nadja looks at Carl as she answers. “Excuse me Viktor.” Nadja says politely.


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