Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 152) My Word

“While we have a quick discussion,” Carl says in a firm tone, would you mind taking these two bags to the kitchen and put the items away? A few things need to go in the freezer and refrigerator.” Carl states as he looks at Viktor.

“Oh yeah, absolutely.” Viktor replies as he picks both packs up and takes them into the kitchen.

“Are you okay staying here?” Carl questions to Nadja.

“I am, after what just happened here, I know for a fact he is who he claims to be.” Nadja states in a whisper. “Are you planning on going back to the cabin? You should just stay here.”

“If you feel comfortable here, then I would rather sleep in my own bed tonight. I can use the tunnel again for at least the first half of the walk back.” Carl says as he starts to button up his jacket.

“I think what you and Aunt Josephine created was wonderful.” Nadja says without looking at the big yet softhearted man. “She loved you more than life itself, she always told me that.”

“Oh damn, you had to say that, I just got myself together.” Carl says as he wipes his tear filled eyes.

“I’m sorry.” Nadja says as she kisses his cheek. “You go ahead and head home and I’m sorry you’ve had to do so much walking in this horrible weather.”

“When you live on this mountain, it is just the normal way of life. No worries.” Carl says as he pats her on the shoulder and walks toward the kitchen. “Well young man, I’m heading back to my cabin and I’m trusting you to keep Nadja safe.” He is very stern with this statement.

“I understand and I will.” Viktor replies as he extends his hand again for a handshake.

“You seem like a nice fellow, don’t disappoint me.” Carl says as he squeezes Viktor’s hand a little tighter than would be considered normal.

“You have my word.” Viktor smiles for both men seem to understand each other perfectly.

While Viktor continues to put the supply of food away, Carl walks to Josephine’s bedroom with Nadja and they say their goodbyes at the bookcase.

“You call me if you need me, okay? For any reason and at anytime, be it day or night.” Carl says in a serious low voice.

“I will Carl, I promise.” Nadja says as she leans up on her tiptoes and kisses his cheek.


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One response

  1. So, this Carl is her Aunt’s age, which means he has a fatherly affection for her. I like this and how he squeezed Viktor’s hand a little too much in “warning him.”

    December 8, 2016 at 6:47 pm

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