Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 155) Excused

“May I be excused?” Aaron asks the airport security officer who has direct orders to stay by his side.

“Why?” The officer questions in an indifferent manner.

“I need to use the restroom.” Aaron replies as he stares into the eyes of the officer in a power play.

“Sorry, I have to stay with you. Let’s go.” The officer states as he stands up.

“This is ridiculous.” Aaron says in a mumble. “Look, the entrance to the restroom is straight ahead. How in the world would I slip out without you seeing me?” He says in a belittling manner. “Besides, I may be awhile.”

“Oh, okay then. But one false move and I’m going to cuff you.” The security guard says with a firm tone.

“Fine, whatever.” Aaron says as he walks to the restroom and enters through the heavy door. “We’ll see how long it takes this goofball to get distracted.” He mumbles as he stands just inside the door listing to the interactions of the other travelers outside.

“Excuse me.” A man says as he tries to exit the restroom.

Aaron turns around and looks the man in the eye.

“How would you like to make two hundred dollars?” Aaron questions as he blocks the man’s way. “Cash.” He says as he pulls two one hundred-dollar bills from his jacket pocket.

“It depends.” The man says.

“See that guard over there?” Aaron cracks the door just enough for this man to see the officer. “He’s not even paying attention.” Aaron snickers.

“What about him, he is airport security.” The man says nervously.

“Yes, but I’m with him, he is in my training program.” Aaron says as he pulls his business card from his pocket and allows the man to review it. “I am the senior vice president of the company and I want to see how easy it might be for me to get past him.”

“And you’re willing to pay me that much money for a test?” The man questions as if he does not believe Aaron’s story.

“I’ll give you one hundred now and the other if you are successful. Deal?” Aaron says quickly as he grabs the right hand of the man, pulling his fingers open as he drops one bill into it.

“Alright, yeah, I can pull this off.” The man says with a smile. “Where are you going to meet me for the final payoff?”

“Meet me outside the coffee shop, but you have to be fast, understand?” Aaron states in a very determined and serious tone.

This nearly frightens the man into backing out but with Aaron’s intense glare, he agrees.

“Okay, yes. I’ll do it, geez.” The man then walks out.


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