Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 156) Flickering

After walking over to, and looking out the terminal windows for several seconds, the man Aaron bribed to do his bidding begins to interact with the officer. He points to the windows and Aaron can hear their voices but not make out what they are saying. Next, the officer gets up to see what the man is looking at outside and Aaron slips through the door and down the escalator that takes him to the coffee shop near the airport entrance doors. While standing there waiting, several individuals begin talking about the weather and how the communication towers and power lines are down the closer you get to the western mountain range.

“Perfect, they won’t be able to alert anyone that I have escaped.” Aaron grins with delight.

“Alright, I did it, where’s my other bill?” The man says in an out of breath manner.

“Right here buddy,” Aaron slaps the second bill into the man’s outreached hand.

“Wow, seems awful expensive for a test but I’ll take it.” The man says with a smile. “That’s a damn good income.” He grins.

“Hell, this is nothing. I make more than that every thirty minutes.” Aaron states in his arrogant and nasty manner. “Oh, and you should work out more, you’re sweating like a pig.” Aaron then walks out the airport entrance undetected.

With wine in the glasses and the small flame from the candle flickering light onto the wall, Nadja and Viktor sit down together at the small table.

“Well this is an assortment of strange things.” Nadja laughs nervously as she stirs her soup.

In the back of her mind, all she can think about is how Aaron would react to such a haphazard combination of food and drink for dinner. He would never have it and would demean Nadja for it, then either purchase food for delivery or leave and have dinner by himself in a restaurant. No, this would have been a disaster with him and even though Viktor said it sounded fine, she is not sure how he will truly react.

“God I’m starving!” Viktor says as he picks up his wineglass and nods for Nadja to do the same. “Here’s to a warm house, warm food, and good conversation.”

As they tap their wineglasses together, Viktor’s laidback demeanor shocks Nadja. She feels an instant sense of relief and it is now that she realizes how hungry she is. Viktor picks up his half of the sub sandwich and takes a large bite out of it while Nadja sips down a spoonful of soup.

“Mmmm, that is one good sandwich.” Viktor comments before taking another bite.

“I’m glad you like it.” Nadja grins and shakes her head slightly.

“What?” Viktor smiles as he says this. “I’m a single guy who fends for himself and this is a feast compared to some of the things I’ve slapped together for dinner. Hell, I’ll eat the cardboard box pizza is delivered in if it has a little cheese on it!”

“Okay.” Nadja laughs aloud as she continues to eat.

With only a few things to wash up after the meal, Nadja tends to the kitchen while Viktor brings the fire in the fireplace back to a roaring flame. As Nadja walks into the living room, she goes directly to the front door, flips the outside light on and looks out the window.


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