Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 157) Visits

“Oh wow, the snow is really piling up.” Nadja says softly as she turns to look at Viktor.

He walks over to stand next to her as they peer out at the silent storm. The snow is thick and with it being so full of moisture, every little thing has collected a band of white onto its leaves, branches and fence posts.

“You know we are going to be stuck here for a while.” Nadja says as she continues to watch the snow falling.

“I’m okay with that if you are.” Viktor replies but then the images from his dreams of Aaron kicking in the door pop into his thoughts. “Deep snow probably deters people from making the walk here, right?”

“Are you referring to your dreams?” Nadja questions quietly.

“Well, yes.” Viktor replies without elaborating.

“He was here, Aaron I mean.” She looks at Viktor. “But Carl got the authorities involved and they escorted him out of the village. Supposedly, they took him all the way to the airport.” She turns and looks out the window again.

“Oh, well that is great!” Viktor says with relief. “Maybe I won’t have to beat the hell out of the guy after all.”

Nadja laughs at Viktor’s statement and does not continue with the topic for she is more intrigued with the visits he has had with her aunt.

“So tell me, what does she say to you?” Nadja questions softly and there is a slight pause before Viktor speaks.

“You mean your Aunt?” Viktor finally questions.

His body is feeling drained from this long day of travel and mishaps that happened along the way. The fact that he just ate, and is feeling rather full, has him wanting to grab a pillow and close his eyes. However, he is excited to finally be here, with the mystery girl from his dreams, and to hopefully keep both Nadja and himself safe.

“Yes. What has she told you and is this normal? Meaning, do you tend to see the deceased in your dreams?” Nadja quizzes as she walks over to the fireplace and sits down on the wooden rocking chair just to the right.

Viktor steps over to the sofa and sits down as he thinks of how to open up about his nighttime conversations and experiences. It is not that he is afraid to discuss his wanderings, but there are several points the he feels would upset Nadja. He plans to tell her as much as he can and hopefully avoid discussing Aaron at all costs.

“From the few times she and I spoke, I do know I really like her. She seems wise and now that you and I have met, she sounds just like you. Well, I suppose you sound just like her.” Viktor grins as he watches the flames of the fireplace dance along the thick logs.

“Has she mentioned Carl? Or me?” Nadja looks down at her fingers.

“She is watching out for both of you. I can assure you of that.” He glances at the large window of the room. “It was because of her that I knew the path to the cottage so well, she made me memorize it.” He laughs. “You know. . . I wonder if she knew I was going to lose my cell phone.” He rubs his fingers along his chin. “Wow, this thing feels unkempt.” He says about his beard.

“I think it looks nice.” Nadja comments quickly.

“Thank you.” Viktor grins as he slips down off the sofa to sit on the floor in front of the fire.

“Are you cold?” Nadja questions with concern.

“Not too bad, just wanted to get a little heat on my shoulders.” Viktor replies as he picks up a thin stem of wood and stabs it at the fire. “I suppose I wanted to play with the fire as well.” He laughs at his own actions as Nadja joins him on the floor.


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