Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 158) Polietly

“What do you think about all of this?” Nadja asks.

“The fire?” Viktor laughs for he knows exactly what Nadja is referring too. “I don’t know what to think about the dreams. You just started showing up in them months ago. I would see this girl, you, off in the distance and I knew who you were but I could never get close enough to speak to you.”

“What do you mean, you knew who I was?” Nadja questions for she is now even more interested in what Viktor has to say.

“I don’t really know. It is hard to explain. You were just a familiar person but I have no idea why. Yet, I knew I had to somehow connect with you to solve the mystery.” He says as he pokes the stick once again at the embers on the burning log. “Then one day it all changed, the recurring dream was exactly the same but that crazy door appeared behind another door and boom! The next thing I know I am showing up at this cottage and you were in danger.” He winces for he wishes he had not just said that.

“Well, I’m glad you are here.” Nadja says softly. “I actually feel really relaxed around you.”

“I find it strange how the door led me to the mirror in your bedroom. I was behind it, trapped in this void where I could see the room but not touch anything and yelling did not grab your attention at all. Oddly enough, there were pebbles on the floor so I tossed a few at the glass to see if you could hear them.” He says as he watches a puzzled expression come across her face. “Oh trust me, I know. . . what in the world were pebbles doing on the ground if I was inside your cupboard. Hey, it’s a dream so nothing has to make sense, right?” They both laugh and then Nadja stands up.

“That is really odd.” Nadja says as she looks at Viktor. “For a while now, I think longer than when you have been seeing me in your dreams, I have been hearing popping or clicking sounds. They seem to come from the mirror of my wardrobe cabinet and the windows of my bedroom, but not just here at the cottage.”

“Maybe it was me all along and I just did not remember the dreams.” He laughs but it does seem strange.

“I just assumed it was a temperature change at night causing a slight shift or something.” She looks in the direction of her bedroom. “Would you like another glass of wine?” She asks politely.

“Yes actually, I think that would be great.” Viktor replies and he wonders if she questions where the bottle came from.

Viktor is very happy with the ease in which they are discussing this odd way of meeting. Plus, he cannot get Carl’s reaction to the phrase Nadja’s deceased aunt asked him to memorize. It was as if the older man had complete trust in Viktor from that moment forward. As much as Nadja intrigues him, Viktor also has many questions about her aunt. She is deceased and he seemed to know this from their first visit, but how is it that she is still interacting with the living?


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