Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 159) Fall Down

“I have a feeling you found Aunt Josephine’s wine cellar.” Nadja grins as she comes back into the room with the bottle of wine and two classes.

“She showed it to me, kind of.” He replies.

“Oh yeah?” Nadja giggles. “And how did that come about?” She grins as she pours the red liquid into each wine glass.

“Okay, so I was at your front door, then fell against the door, which caused it to hit the wall.” He replies.

“You seem to fall down a lot.” Nadja laughs.

“I don’t get it either. Normally I’m a very well-balanced guy!” Viktor laughs. “But yes you are right, I have not been lucky in staying upright these past few days.”

“Okay, so you fell against the door making it hit the wall, then what?” Nadja is fixed on Viktor’s eyes.

“Well, I noticed this crack in the wood, and upon further investigation, I realized it was a hidden door.” He says in a mysterious storytelling type of manner. “So I pulled it open and your aunt was there, she had me go down the steps.”

Viktor does not see any reason to tell Nadja that the man he believes to be Aaron was kicking the front door in and that her aunt basically pulled him to safety. No, he would rather not have to discuss anything about the guy since Carl was so adamant on knowing if the two knew each other. Yet, he would like to know the connection Aaron has to Nadja. Now this thought enters his mind, is Nadja married to Aaron?

“My aunt was very worldly yet never physically left this area. Most of the time, she was here on the mountain and would frequent the village for her shopping needs, or to check in on Carl, he was and still is the backbone of her business.” Nadja smiles as she pauses. “However, most of the time, Aunt Josephine preferred to be alone. And when I say alone, Carl was usually with her.” Nadja laughs at her statement as she looks around at the firelight flickering on the ceiling.

“Aunt Josephine was a little paranoid as well, I suppose that is why she built the escape tunnel you described seeing in your dream.” Nadja says in a soft tone. “You found her wine cellar.” She grins as she holds up her nearly empty glass of wine. “That was the only odd little room I knew about. Now I wonder how many other secret places she has incorporated within these walls.”

They both laugh and drink down the last drop in their glasses and then split the remaining amount in the bottle between them. The glassware sparkles with reflections from the amber flames that are snapping and sparking from the timbers in the stone fireplace. Aside from that, there are no other sounds inside or outside of the small cozy cottage.

“You are probably wondering where Aaron fits in to all of this.” Nadja states in a blunt manner.

“No. . . well yes.” Says Viktor as he snips off a piece of the stick he has been using to poke at the fire. “I haven’t heard anything here or witnessed in my dreams a single nice thing about him. How is it someone like you could get caught up with someone like him?”


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