Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 161) A Scene

“It is getting late VikT1000.” Nadja teases as she stands up. “You have to be completely worn out. It’s been a very long day for you.”

“I am feeling a bit dense at the moment.” Viktor laughs.

Nadja walks over to the light switch near the front door and once again turns it on to view the wintry conditions outside.

“Oh my, look at that!” She says in a shocked manner.

Viktor immediately stands up and joins her at the window. The wintry precipitation is still falling at an extremely heavy rate covering everything in its path. The smaller shrubs and plantings are no longer in sight for they are under a thick blanket of heavy moist snow.

“Don’t you find it amazing to think that billions of tiny little flakes are creating such a scene?” Nadja looks out with amazement.

“I guess we will be building a snowman tomorrow!” Viktor grins.

“Maybe, if we can even get the door open to go outside. Wow, I never imagined it would get this deep and more is falling.” Nadja turns the light off and looks over at the fire. “We better keep that fire going all night.” She looks at Viktor. “I will set my alarm to check on it in a couple of hours.”

“No need to do that, I’ll sleep here on the sofa and make sure it stays strong.” Viktor replies.

“Oh, I thought you would sleep in my aunt’s bed. This sofa is not the most comfortable piece of furniture.” Nadja says as she walks over to her aunt’s bedroom and turns the light on.

“I appreciate the offer, but. . . I will be able to stay in control of the fire if I’m right here next to it.” Viktor says in a convincing way.

Sleeping in the bed of Nadja’s aunt makes Viktor uneasy. It is not because she passed away in the bed, but mostly out of respect. He has met the woman, or the ghost of the woman, and he cannot imagine how she would feel about him invading her space.

“Are you sure?” Nadja asks and with Viktor’s nod of the head yes, she looks back at the bed and then turns the light out. “Okay then, I am going to wash the wine glasses if you wouldn’t mind placing one of the bigger logs on the fire. They burn slower so hopefully you can get a bit of rest before you have to add more.”

“Sounds great to me.” Viktor replies.

He re-stacks some of the wood he brought in a few hours ago and then begins to rummage through his travel bag that he tossed onto the sofa shortly after arriving here. He pulls out pajama bottoms and begins to dig around for his toothbrush.

“Found.” He says with a low tone then looks up to make sure Nadja was not around. “Yes, I talk to myself.” He mumbles as he zips the bag up.

“Here I grabbed a few quilts.” Nadja says as she enters the room with an arm full of beautifully designed quilts.

Viktor jumps slightly for he was not expecting her to come into the room talking.

“Ha ha! Did I scare you?” She laughs.

“Nah, what in the world would give you that idea.” Viktor replies as he tries to hide his smile. “Okay yes, you got me.”

They both laugh at their conversation as Nadja tucks a fitted sheet over the cushions of the sofa. Next, she holds a top sheet and with a swift flick, it bellows over the back of the sofa and down the front.

“Are you a hot or cold sleeper?” Nadja quizzes.

“Hot, I’m always hot. My body temperature is slightly higher than the norm, so one quilt is enough for me.” Viktor replies.

“Really? So you’re a hot head?” Nadja asks as she holds onto her serious expression, she then giggles giving it away that she is playing.

“Well now that you mention it.” Viktor laughs for his thoughts have grown tired and he cannot think of a good comeback. “Wrecked. You win this round.”


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