Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 163) Interact

Lying on her side, Nadja logs a quick note in her journal:

“Found today, a good friend from far away. You know him my dear Aunt and I think you for bringing him here.”

Placing the book near her lamp, she turns the switch and the light goes dark. Nadja rolls over so she is facing the window and she finds herself in much the same drifting state as Viktor. The occasional popping of the fire sounds so much louder while in this stage of sleep and she too cannot bear to open her eyes any longer. The cottage has fallen into a deep and silent hush as snow continues to fall outside, creating insulation from the sounds of the quiescent forest.

“You are very good at building fires.” A woman says softly next to Viktor’s right ear.

Quickly he opens his eyes but does not see anyone. Thinking he must be mistaken and that his tired mind is playing tricks on him, he rolls over turning his back to the room.

“However, if you do not tend to them properly, the flames will soon die out.” The voice says again and this time Viktor sits up.

Sitting on the arm of the sofa, near his feet, is the older woman he has come to recognize as Nadja’s aunt Josephine. She is wearing a flowing cream-colored dress and her hair is pulled back from her face, but hanging long down her back. Small white daisies adorn her hair like a halo and she has a soft glow about her.

“It is time to put another log on the fire.” She nods in the direction of the fireplace.

Viktor turns to look and she is correct, the flames have eaten through all of the wood leaving red-hot embers in the ash below the grate.

“Oh no. The fire is about out.” Viktor whispers as he looks up at the clock on the mantel, it reads three o’clock. “I’m glad you got my attention, I must have been in a deep sleep.”

“Well you did have a very busy day.” Josephine says as she walks over to look in on her niece. “She likes you, Carl does as well.” She says softly as she watches Viktor tend to the fire.

“That is good to know.” Viktor says as he places fresh sticks onto the coals hoping they will catch fire. “Am I sleeping now or do I need to wake up and really work on the fire?” He questions as he look at Josephine. “I only see you in my dreams, right?”

“You will have time.” She says in a riddle kind of manner.

“So I am asleep.” Viktor says with disappointment. “No offence, but if the fire is really going out I need to get myself up.”

“Had you noticed how some of your dreams have slowly begun to interact with reality?” Josephine questions as she walks back across the room. “I never met anyone who could do that, even as hard as I tried, my worlds stayed separate.” She looks toward the front window and speaks in a gentle calm voice. “Be sharp and on your toes young man, do not let your guard down.” She whispers as she turns to look toward him once again and with a smile, she fades away.

“Josephine?” Viktor whispers.


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