Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 165) Sparks

Walking to the sofa, Viktor straightens the covers and takes a seat near his pillows. Nadja walks to the fireplace and tightens the belt on her robe before sitting on the rocking chair across from him. The fire snaps several times sending tiny embers and sparks into the air.

“I love it when it does that.” Nadja says of the burning wood. “Why do you suppose that is?”

“Maybe it reminds us of fireworks or of roasting marshmallows at a campfire under a star filled sky.” Viktor replies poetically.

Nadja laughs while nodding her head that she agrees with his statement.

“You have an interesting way of looking at things, VikT1000.” Nadja says with a smile.

“Well soapsuds1920s, guess which building I found the door behind the door in?” Viktor quizzes.

“There is no way that was my Aunts soap shop.” Nadja replies with wide eyes.

“Yep, it was. I recognized it as soon as I got off the bus, lavender door and all.” Viktor says as he tosses his hands up in a questioning manner. “I really wanted to walk in and see if a door would appear on the wall, but it was still closed.”

“That is funny because I was there. I took the first train of the morning off the mountain. I was running from here like a scared rabbit left alone in the woods.” Nadja states quickly.

“Well. . . I took the first train of the day up the mountain.” Viktor replies.

“How did we miss each other?” They both question in unison, which causes an outbreak of laughter.

“Okay now we are just getting punchy.” Nadja giggles. “I haven’t laughed like this in years.”

“Well that is depressing but I can agree with you, I have been in a rut myself.” Viktor looks toward the front window.

“Maybe it just wasn’t time to laugh yet.” She states in a serious manner.

“Suppressing laughter is a crime. Someone must be punished.” Viktor grins but he realizes Nadja is sitting quietly staring into the fire. “You okay?” He questions.

“Oh, yes. Sorry.” She replies as she looks in his direction. “Maybe you were right, we should probably get a little more rest.” She grins as she stands up and starts walking to her room. “I’ll see you in a few hours, goodnight again.” She says without looking in his direction.

“You mean good morning, don’t you?” Viktor questions in a joking manner and he hears her laugh once again.

“Yes, good morning it is.” Nadja says with a grin and then pushes her bedroom door closed.


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