Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 170) Richer

Viktor now realizes the walls of the soap shop are charred and ash covers the floor. Boxes and ribbons have melted to the antique furniture once used to display the sweetly scented items. Looking back at the front window, there is no view to the outside for thick gray soot covers the glass. Going back to the main door, he opens it to exit and finds himself outside, but not in the village. Instead, he is standing in the woods, on a trail and Nadja’s aunt is with him.

“Hello old soul.” Josephine says softly.

“Hello to you.” Viktor replies as he walks toward her. “How are you?”

“I am good, but I am troubled.” She says as they start walking together.

This path in the forest is not current with the actual season, for the trees are glistening with light green leaves and little blue flowers dapple the ground below them. The sun is bright and the air warm, which is in complete contrast to the snowstorm that came in overnight. Before Viktor can ask his question, Josephine answers him.

“It is my favorite time of the year, so I maintain as much time here as I can.” She grins as she watches Viktor’s face for a reaction.

“So you can control that?” He asks as he looks around.

He does not want to add to his question by asking if she realizes she is dead. Yet, he would like to know how much control one has after they depart the material world. Instead, he decides to question the condition of the soap shop he just came from.

“So, what. . .” Viktor is unsure in how he should pose this question so he decides to simply blurt it out. “The soap shop, what happened?”

“You must remember, dreams are only interpretations of what you believe to be real.” She says as they stroll along the trail. “What usually comes from scorched land?” She does not allow Viktor to answer. “You see this building as rubble, destroyed by fire, but what could it possibly be telling you?”

Thinking on what she said, Viktor tries to come to some reasoning behind seeing the business, that Nadja and her aunt love so much, in a destroyed state. What can this possibly be a clue to? Why would it be something in his dreams when he has never even entered the place to begin with?

“Think about it like this.” Josephine stops and looks out at the beautiful forest. “If this forest was to burn, many wonderful living things would be lost.” She looks at him. “But new growth would soon sprout, beauty would return, wildlife would come back, and over time the land may be stronger and the soil richer.”

“So the shop is going to burn down?” Viktor asks with worry.

“You have a huge heart, don’t you.” Josephine states as fact. “You put others before you and she needs you.” She takes his hand in his as she looks up at him. “She may not realize it yet and may even deny needing anyone. Her path is to become strong and she already has made great strides.” She pauses as she continues to look Viktor in the eyes. “Out with the old in with the new, so to speak.”


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