Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 171) Hesitant

Viktor has always hated it, eye contact. It makes him nervous and he always feels as if he has done something wrong, even though he knows he has not.

“Narcissists, they do not give love, nor do they feel love. Their actions are solely to please themselves and there is no concern in how the other person, or their partner, feels.” Josephine says as they turn to walk back in the direction they came. “They do great harm to the self-esteem of others and are proud to have such an effect. They find great joy in watching others wither.”

“Oh, so now we are talking about Aaron.” Viktor says quickly. “That guy seems to have major issues.”

“Yes, and he will not back down until he feels satisfied with the situation.” Josephine says as she looks down. “I do worry that things will not end as they should.”

She reaches out as if to shake Viktor’s hand and as he glances up to look into her eyes, he realizes his hand is on a doorknob. The beauty of the woods has faded to black and this door is casting a soft cream glow to the darkness around him.

“Now for some reason I am absolutely terrified to open this door.” He mumbles as he feels his heart rate increasing.

Standing there, holding onto the knob for what seems like several seconds, Viktor finally musters up enough courage to turn it. With a faint click, the door is now hanging on the hinges freely as he slowly pulls it open. There it is, the backside of a mirror, or is it a window? It is suspended in the air as if not attached to anything. It is merely floating in place and Viktor approaches it in a very hesitant manner.

“I am really having a hard time with this one.” Viktor says to himself.

Stepping up as close to the glass as allowed, he peers out at the room of a cabin he does not recognize. A wood burning stove is glowing with bright red coals and standing in the corner, like a dark menacing statue is a man. His face covered with some sort of mask and he almost blends into his surroundings perfectly. In fact, Viktor blinks several times to make sure his eyes are not playing tricks on him.

“Is there really a guy there or not?” He questions to himself.

Viktor tries to get closer to the glass to gain a better view, but he is as close as is allowed in this odd world behind doors that lead to reflective glass and isolated mirrors.

“My own reflection is distorting what I can see!” He grumbles and then pauses. “I can make this stop, it is a dream, I can make the images clearer.”

Viktor begins to concentrate on seeing past the glare of his own reflection when very unexpectedly, the glass shatters into thousands of pieces scattering like marbles in all directions.


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