Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 172) Racing

“What?” Viktor questions as he opens his eyes.

He has awakened in the cottage, sitting in the same spot where he and Nadja fell asleep. In his slightly reclined position, he can see that the fire is almost out but he does not want to disturb Nadja. She is still asleep with his arm around her and her head resting on his chest. The quilt is wrapped around them both keeping them very warm, but the chill in the little dwelling is breathing upon his face.

His mind is racing in all directions about what his dream might be telling him. The dark figure in the room of a place Viktor has never been to, what does this represent? The glass breaking, could it simply be making a mockery of feeling safe behind such a product? To be truthful, a glass window offers no safety from an outside intruder, but this dark mass in human shape was inside, hiding.

“Oh, good morning.” Nadja whispers as she slowly sits up in a straighter position. “Did I fall asleep on you? Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“It is okay, Nadja. I drifted off as well so apparently we were both comfortable.” He grins and then looks back toward the fireplace. “Oh, I better get that stocked up again.”

Viktor stands up, stretches by lifting his arms above his head and back a bit. He then lets out a long silent yawn, except for the end when he shakes his head and practically growls. Nadja is watching and as expected, she catches his yawn. With her hand, she covers her mouth as it opens wide.

“Ha ha.” Nadja laughs. “Why is it that yawns are contagious?”

With a laugh, Viktor lowers his arms and lets out a breath of air.

“I don’t know.” He grins as he picks up two pieces of wood. “Even if an animal yawns it causes the same effect on us humans. We are just an oddball species.” He tosses the logs onto the fire. “And what is up with our belly buttons? Have you found a purpose for those yet? Mine just collects lint from my clothes.”

“Ha ha!” Nadja laughs aloud. “So it’s a lint trap!”

“Well, I suppose you are on to something there.” He lets out a hardy laugh as he turns to face her.

Wrapped up in her robe and the quilt from the sofa, Nadja watches Viktor as he tips his head to the side, as if he asked a question. Her hair is a mess and she has no makeup on her face but to Viktor, she is a beautiful sight to see. In turn, Nadja is amazed at how relaxed she feels with him here.

“What?” He asks.

“I could ask the same of you.” She quickly replies.

“Well, you just look really relaxed.” Viktor says in a serious tone.

“I suppose I am.” She replies as she stands up and tightens the robe around her waist. “I’m off to take a bath. Do you need to go first?”

“To get in the bath with you? Heck yes!” Viktor teases and they both grin. “No, I’m okay.” He says as if he is terribly disappointed.” I will grab more wood from the pile outside so you will have a toasty cottage to keep you warm.”

“Well thank you.” Nadja says in a shy manner as she leaves the room.


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