Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 174) Vulnerability

Nadja had quickly placed the shovel back into the corner behind the kitchen door and was watching for Viktor to return. However, she heard a log shift in the fireplace in the next room causing her to rush into the living room. She wanted to make sure it had not fallen out of the fireplace. Thankfully, it did not but now she hears Viktor struggling at the back door. Grinning, she finds his presence here a delight. He is funny and has a very dry sense of humor, which she is completely aware of.

Rushing back to the door, she sees the handle jiggling and immediately grabs hold of it. Swinging the door open very wide, Nadja backs up quickly allowing Viktor inside.

“Oh good grief.” Nadja laughs, for she does not believe she has ever seen someone carry such a huge load, not even Carl. “You definitely take the cake with that one!” She says as she follows him into the living room.

“Now, to set it down without making a mess would be nice.” He grumbles as he bends his knees to a squatting position.

Running over to assist, Nadja begins to remove the logs from his hold and stack them in the reserve bin. With only four left, he rolls them off his arms and only one drops out of place onto the floor.

“That reminds me of the time, in my dream of course, where I accidentally bumped a log off the stack you had here.  The crazy thing was, when you entered the room, you saw it and picked it up.” He says with amazement.

“So you were actually interacting with the real world in your dream?” Nadja asks completely astonished.

“Yeah, I suppose.” He replies and then the images from his latest dream sequence replays in his mind.

From behind the glass, he peered into a cabin he has never seen, the dark figure in the corner, the distorted reflection of himself in the reflection of the window. What could this all mean? When the glass shattered, what was the message it was sending? What does this represent? Stepping over to warm his hands by the fire he poses this question.

“What do you know about seeing glass shatter in dreams? Have you ever needed to look that up?” Viktor asks in a nonchalant manner hoping his question will not raise concern.

“Hum, I don’t recall having that happen but you and I both know where to find the answer!” Nadja grins as she grabs her phone.

She plops down in the rocking chair in a relaxed manner with one leg hanging over the right arm. Frantically, she begins typing away as if in a race or heated competition as she begins searching the dream blog for the answer.

“Ha! I just remembered! Shattered glass means a state of vulnerability!” Viktor yells out pointing his finger at Nadja and then laughs at such a boisterous and obnoxious statement.

“I think the neighbors heard you on that one.” Nadja says as she too breaks into laughter.

“So where are the closest neighbors?” Viktor questions for he would like to know of another way to escape if the quaint little cottage becomes a target.

“Well, Carl’s cabin is the closest no matter the direction you travel.” She replies. “There are steep inclines on this mountain to the west and north of this cottage before another ridge, higher than this one is flat enough for building on.”

“And I already know the east side is a drop off to the lake, I gracefully fell in that direction yesterday.” He grins but his smile is a false one.


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