Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 175) Lovable

It does bother Viktor to a certain degree that there really is no direction to run from the cottage but south, to Carl’s cabin, the train station and the elderly couple who run the little grocery store. After his odd dream with the menacing dark figure, he cannot help but think Nadja might still be in danger, even though his dream was not about her, at least not that he knows of. This is a nagging worry in his mind that is not allowing him to relax.

“Do you believe in ghosts?” Viktor quizzes.

“Oh, wow. . . I’ve never really thought about it, nor have I ever met one. Well not that I know of anyway.” Nadja looks at her hands. “You have seen my Aunt, but only in your dreams right? So does that count?”

“I think it depends on the dream. Sometimes we just miss someone so much that our sleeping mind brings them to us.” Viktor says in a calm manner. “Seeing your aunt, well she does not act like I dreamt her up, there are too many things I know about her, like the things she told me to tell Carl.”

“So you believe it is truly her?” Nadja asks as she looks up at Viktor with hopeful eyes.

“Well it has to be. I never met the woman until I followed you in my dreams, stumbled upon the doors that open to other doors and odd mirrors.” He replies. “Are you sure this Aaron guy is gone?”

“Carl says he is and if the authorities were involved, I cannot imagine Aaron sticking around. He just needs to let it go.” She says softly.

“You mean let you go, right?” Viktor says as he walks to the front window.

Nadja studies the back of Viktor’s head wondering why he is pointing out the obvious. She feels odd that he would even want to talk about it. She knows Aaron is the last person she wishes to direct her attention to.

“He is a mean, cold and hurtful person.” Nadja says as she continues to watch Viktor. “My aunt showed me I was worthy of better, Carl knew it too, but it took me a long time to figure that out for myself.”

“Well they are right.” Viktor says as he stuffs his hands in his pockets. “I could tell that from the very first time I saw you in my dreams. There was just something. . . something unique about you.” He continues to look out the window.

“Really? Like what?” She asks now almost embarrassed to be talking about herself.

“I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.” Viktor says as he turns to face her but stands in his spot near the window. “I would see you here and there, and it is like I knew if I could just tap you on the shoulder you would turn around with a big smile and say something like, there you are.”

“Well here you are.” She grins and then looks at the fire. “It is odd how comfortable I am around you, even Carl seemed content. Don’t you think that’s weird?”

“Hey I’m a lovable guy and everybody knows it.” Viktor grins as he holds his arms out from his body.


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