Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 176) Youthful

As a round of laughter swirls between them, Nadja looks up at Viktor as he walks toward her. Something about him being here is soothing, she feels protected and safe even though he is a total stranger. She does not even know where he lives, what he does for a living and if he has a police record. Yet, somehow, she knows it is all okay. The muffled and distant sound of a horn echoes along the ridge of the mountain. It is barely audible from inside the cottage.

“Was that the train?” Nadja questions as she looks at Viktor.

“Sounds like it.” He replies as he takes a seat on the sofa. “It must not have snowed enough to shut it down, which is good.

“Why is that?” She asks.

“Well. . . I’ll have to head home sometime. Damn!” Viktor says. “That reminds me, I need to check my itinerary and it’s all on my phone.”

“You can use mine, here.” Nadja hands her cell phone to Viktor just as a call comes in from Carl. “Oops, I need to take that call.” She says quickly as she puts the phone to her ear.

“Hello Carl, looks like we did okay with the snow.” Nadja grins but then her expression changes. “Hello? Carl?” She asks again as she looks at Viktor. “Hello, Carl can you hear me?”

Looking down at the phone in her hands, she sees that the call has ended.

“Well, that is odd.” She mumbles.

“I’d say the cell towers are cluttered up by phone calls and possibly having signal problems.” Viktor says in a calm tone. “I’m sure he will try again later but if we do not hear from him, I will gladly walk to his cabin to check on him.”

“Yes, we should do that, or he will show up here.” Nadja grins. “That man is in the best shape for an older gentleman. My aunt was the same way, there must be something about mountain living that keeps you youthful.” She looks up at the darkened bedroom of her late aunt. “I think I’ve already aged well past where they are.”

“What? How on earth can you say that?” Viktor questions as he sits down on the section of the sofa closest to the fire.


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