Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 178) Remind Me

Viktor has a way with telling stories. Not only does he share the details he also has the gift of imitation. He can mimic voices of others. At this point in their preparation of cooking breakfast, Nadja has nearly doubled over with laughter several times. To Viktor, this is merely an indication to continue his assault on the odd and irritating people in his life.

“No seriously, you have to stop.” Nadja laughs as she listens to Viktor speaking as his arrogant boss. “My stomach hurts from laughing.” She grins.

“Okay, I’ll give you a break.” He smiles. “But don’t forget to remind me to tell you about the time an old roommate of mine tried to get to his car by climbing off the balcony.”

“Alright, I won’t forget.” She laughs for she knows from his past stories that this will be quite interesting.

“By the way, at the time, we lived on the third floor.” Viktor says in a serious manner.

This causes Nadja, who is trying desperately to compose herself, to blow air out between her lips and they both laugh at the rude sound it creates.

“I have a story about that stuff too.” Viktor grins for he simply cannot stop once he is on a comedic roll.

Suddenly, they hear three loud knocks on the door frame behind them causing them to turn around quickly.

“Well you two are having a great time, it’s nice to see.” States Carl as he walks into the kitchen from the living room.

“Oh Carl!” Nadja grins as she wipes pancake batter from her fingers and runs to give him a hug.

Carl glances at Viktor who is smiling and the old man gives him a wink.

“I tried to call earlier and never got connected, so naturally I was a bit worried.” He says as he and Nadja release their hug.

“Yes, the call came in but was silent.” Nadja replies. “We would have been down to check on you if you had not reached out again.”

“Well that tunnel sure is handy for days like this. It’s a bit rough right now though. The snow is beginning to melt already, it is warming up faster than the news predicted, so water is seeping in through a few cracks. It might be time to have someone check it for structure damage, just to be safe.” Carl states firmly. “I’ll get a hold of someone in the next week or two.”


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