Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 179) Predicting

“You are always taking care of things aren’t you?” Nadja smiles at Carl. “Join us for breakfast.”

“Oh no, I already tackled a huge pile of food with Sam and Martha about two hours ago, won’t need to eat for days!” He laughs with a happy bellow. “Looks like you brought in enough wood for the day so now I can rest easy that all is well.”

“Well don’t leave, you just got here.” Nadja says as she stacks pancakes onto a plate.

“I like the walk, gives me time to think and since half of it is out of the weather, I can just head back the way I came. I will try the phones again when I get back to the cabin, hopefully they will be working by then.” Carl says in a calm tone. “Crazy weather, I’m glad it did not snow as much as predicted, we would be out of commission for days.”

“I think I should be a weatherman.” Viktor states happily.

“You good at predicting things?” Carl questions in a serious tone.

“No, not at all, that’s why I would be a great weatherman. You make up stuff as you go along, the grocery stores and shops love you because you cause panic for food supplies, and then it doesn’t happen like you predicted and everyone is thankful for it.” Viktor grins. “You get paid to be wrong, I could seriously do that!”

“And very well!” Nadja adds as laughter breaks out between all three.

“You’ve got that right, son! Ha ha!” Carl shakes his head as he looks down and laughs again. “I like your wit young man. Don’t ever let that leave you.” Carl says in a calm manner. “Okay, you seem to be in good shape here so I will be leaving. . . oh, I meant to ask.” Carl pauses as he quickly glances at Nadja but directs his question at Viktor. “Have you, well, have you had anymore dreams about my Josie? You know, since you’ve been here?”

Viktor does not want to answer this question for the last time he shared a dream with Nadja’s aunt, he was in the burned-out shell of a building. He believes it to be the soap factory and if this were to be a premonition, then it could mean the end of their longtime business. Not to mention, the odd shadow person he saw near a wood stove and his own reflection in the glass of the window that shattered. This was a far darker image than his most recent dreams and he is unsure of the true message.


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