Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 180) Replication

“No, not really anything.” Viktor replies to Carl’s question, but he can tell by the older man’s expression that he is suspicious of this answer.

“Okay, well. . . I suppose that is not a bad thing then.” Carl replies without much emotion but an awkward silence fills the room.

Nadja walks over to the small table and sets the plates of pancakes and bacon in the center.

“Are you sure you won’t stay?” She quizzes to Carl.

“Do you need me to stay?” Carl mumbles to her in case she feels uncomfortable being alone with Viktor another night.

“No, everything is great.” She says softly as she grins up at this tall yet gentle man.

“Nah, I better get on my way. Damn Sam and Martha will be after me for lunch by the time I get back.” Carl laughs. “Those two get bored pretty quick when there aren’t any passengers jumping off the train.” He laughs. “By the way, it appears the trains are running on limited schedules, so no need to try to get to the shop. I’ll slip down there this afternoon to make sure all is well, after all, almost everyone closed due to the weather so it should be nice and quiet in town.” He says but then pauses. “So, have you heard from anyone?” He looks intently at Nadja.

“No, not a word.” She says as she makes eye contact with Carl.

In her thoughts, she hopes this conversation is not offensive or causing Viktor to be uncomfortable.

“That is what I was hoping for.” Carl mumbles back. “You kids behave yourselves and let me know if you need anything.” Carl waves his hand in the air as he walks through the living room toward Josephine’s bedroom. “I’ll shut everything up tight Nadja, enjoy your day!”

“Bye Carl!” Both Nadja and Viktor say at the say time.

“I’m starving.” Nadja says with a grin as she and Viktor slide pancakes onto their plates and divide the slices of bacon between them.

After devouring their meal and cleaning up the kitchen, Viktor bundles up and heads out the front door with the snow shovel. The sun is bright and the melting process is moving along at a tremendous rate. The snow is easy to handle, as he scrapes along the ground careful not to disturb the pebble walkway that leads out to the garden gate. From there he pushes snow away along the trail for quite some distance and then returns to the beautiful little cottage. Its dark color against the white blanket of snow looks more like a photograph than a real place.

It is at this time that Carl arrives home to his cabin. He is still wearing a grin due to his visit with Nadja and Viktor for the resemblance of their actions remind him of Josephine.

“It’s like a replication of us.” He mumbles in reference to he and Josephine as he steps inside the cozy dwelling.


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