Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 183) Rare

“Well you are easy to please.” Nadja smiles as she prepares a slice of the warm bread for herself.

“Honestly, I really am. I do not see the point in getting bogged down with things. If there is a problem, you fix it. If bored, find something interesting to do.” Viktor begins to grin as he speaks. “If hungry, grab a slice of bread.”

“You are a philosopher.” Nadja laughs as she looks out at the melting snow but a sound inside the cottage catches her attention.

To her right, due to the rapid melting of the snow, the roof has begun leaking once again as water starts dripping into the bucket on the floor.

“Oh no, we are leaking again.” Nadja says as she looks up at the ceiling.

“It was coming in much faster last night.” Viktor says as he walks over to adjust where the bucket is sitting. “That heavy pack of snow has to go somewhere. If it all melts off before the time I have to leave, I will climb up there and fix it.”

“So you know a few things about roofing?” Nadja asks with concern.

“Nope, not a thing.” Viktor replies in a serious way. “But I’m sure we can figure it out.”

“For some odd reason, I believe you.” Nadja says jokingly.

“Hey!” Viktor teases as if offended as he steps back over to the loaf of bread and begins to butter another slice.

The afternoon is pleasant and they spend their time talking about childhood moments, first loves and where they find themselves now in this current stage of life. The mutual respect they have for one another makes for a very calm and easy conversation as they relax near the fire.

By early evening, as the sun passes to the west and the mountain blocks the golden rays, the melting of the snow begins to slow. Even with the fireplace full of dancing flames, the air inside the little cottage feels damp. Sitting in the living room, sipping soup and dipping bread, Nadja and Viktor continue with their lively conversation.

“I have learned so much about you today.” Nadja says as she holds her empty bowl in her hands.

“We have definitely covered a lot of ground for sure.” Viktor replies. “We actually have many common interests and I have to admit, it is rare for people to have much in common with me.” He laughs. “I’ve always had an odd sense of humor.”

“You? No way!” Nadja says playfully. “I like you humor and your serious side, the one you try to hide.”

“Did you mean for that to rhyme?” He grins.

“Not at all.” Nadja breaks into a giggle. “See, its stuff like that, you picked up on it so fast!” She smiles up at him.

“I should probably empty the drip bucket in the kitchen and while I’m out there, I will bring in more wood.” Viktor says as he stands up from his sitting position on the sofa.

“That would be great.” Nadja says with a smile as she sits on the floor with her arm resting on the stone hearth near the fire. “I’ll grab our bowls and wash things up.”

“We make a good team.” Viktor says as he extends his hand to help her stand up.

“I agree. . .  and thank you.” She replies softly.

In the light of the flickering flames, they stand in place for several seconds looking into one another’s eyes. Slowly Nadja leans forward and kisses Viktor on the cheek.

“I’m glad you are here.” She says softly before stepping to the side as she walks toward the kitchen.


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