Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 185) Observer

Viktor does not want to alarm Nadja, but he cannot explain where those footprints in the snow came from. In his mind, he once again quickly retraces his steps for the day and knows without a doubt that he did not venture in that direction at all. Still avoiding answering Nadja’s question, he stacks the logs next to the others and unloads the bucket. It then comes to him. It was Carl. Being that he is so caring and helpful, he must have walked around the cottage to look for any issues the snow may have created.

“So?” Nadja laughs.

“So what?” Viktor replies, as if puzzled by her question as he stands up with the empty bucket in his hand.

“So why did you want to know if I was out in the back yard today?” She questions.

“Oh yeah, that. It’s no big deal, I saw footprints in the snow and knew I did not walk out there but I just realized it must have been Carl.” Viktor replies a little out of breath. “He probably walked around before coming inside.”

“But, he came here through the tunnel.” Nadja says as she glances at the front window with a concerned look. “He never stepped outside.”

“Are you sure?” Viktor questions.

He can see the worry on Nadja’s face and even though he is positive he did not create the tracks, he wants to make sure she feels safe.

“You know, I think I do remember walking that way, to look at the brook to see if it was frozen.” Viktor hopes this lie will ease the stress he just created.

“Oh good.” Nadja says as she places her hand across her chest as if her heart was fluttering with nervousness. “I was beginning to worry that. . . well you know.”

He does know exactly what she was going to say for he is worried about it too. If Aaron has come back, after escorts forcefully took him out of the city and all the way to the airport, he must be beyond angry at this point. He can imagine the embarrassment this would cause for anyone to feel and to mix that with the mind of an enraged lunatic cannot be good.

If Aaron is indeed here, Viktor worries the images from his dreams may be played out in true life and the end result from a few of his night wanderings were not at all positive. He vividly remembers the dream, where he watched Nadja leave her room, only to begin screaming in terror when the front door is broken down. Or, at least that is what he believes happened, for he could not see into the room. To think something like this was happening to Nadja, even though it was a dream, causes his heart rate to elevate. He wonders why he was trapped as an observer only. Why was he not able to jump out from behind the mirror and help her?


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