Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 186) Lost You

“Are you okay, Viktor?” Nadja questions as she touches the side of his face with her hand.

“What?” He asks almost as if he is dazed.

“I think I lost you there for a minute, you looked a million miles away from here.” She says softly.

“I was just thinking.” He pauses because he knows he cannot tell her what it was that popped into his mind.”

“About anything in particular?” She asks as she sits on the arm of the sofa.

“I’m just surprised at how quickly it became dark here. It seems like only a few minutes ago it was bright and beautiful.” Viktor sits down on the seat of the sofa. “It makes you realize how time flies, doesn’t it?” He grins trying to lighten the mood but all he can think about is how the footprints came to be.

“Well I say we watch a movie and forget about how dark and cold it is outside.” Nadja says as she reaches for her laptop that is sitting on the end table. “What are you in the mood for?”

“Something funny, a good comedy.” Viktor says as he looks over at the fireplace and decides he needs to add another log to the flames. “Well, only if that is okay with you. I would just rather laugh than be serious.”

“A comedy it is.” Nadja says quickly.

As she begins searching for options on the movie site, Viktor takes the bucket back to the kitchen and places it on the floor. Immediately, a drop of water falls into it. Reaching to his left, he grabs a hand towel from the drawer to mop up what had fallen on the floor while the bucket was in use. Quickly he joins Nadja in the living room and after several minutes of searching, neither of them can decide on what to watch. Giving up on their quest, Nadja closes her laptop and they sit quietly on the floor near the fire.

“So tell me, where does the tunnel go? What direction are you walking when you leave here?” Viktor quizzes.

“That tunnel is odd, I never knew it was there and I spent my summers here with Aunt Josephine.” Nadja grins. “It takes you halfway to the train station. Well actually, it opens up right behind the forest rangers hut. You probably saw it on your walk here.”

“Yes, it was one of the landmarks I was watching for as I made my way here to find you. I know the exact spot on the trail you are referring to.”

Viktor recalls seeing this tiny structure in one of his dreams as well as passing by it before stopping to take a picture of the lake. Shortly after, he found himself slipping off the trail.


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