Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 187) Laughter

“Hey, would you like to try another wine from Aunt Josephine’s collection?” Nadja questions as she stands up.

“I’m always up for taste testing, absolutely!” Viktor grins as he follows her to the skinny door articulately hidden in the wood panel.

Pulling the door open with a popping sound, Nadja reaches forward and with the flip of the switch, a soft glow emits from the bottom of the narrow staircase. Glancing back at the room, Viktor then turns and follows her down to the wine cellar.

“Doesn’t this feel like you’ve stepped back in time?” Nadja grins as she stands in the middle of the space below her bedroom. “The shelves glide, did you know that?”

Ever so gently, she moves an entire rack toward the front of the room exposing rows of wooden shelves behind it. Each layer is angled perfectly for the wine bottles to be nestled comfortably and in the proper manner for long-term storage.

“We never touch the ones back here, unless we are hurting for money.” She laughs. “That is what she always told me so I’m sticking to the rule.” Nadja steps across the way and moves another rack toward her, then she steps in behind it.

“What is back there?” Viktor questions as he begins to walk in that direction.

“The sweet wines.” Nadja’s muffled voice says. “Sound okay to you?”

“Ummm, I prefer something a little dry.” He says hoping this does not hurt her feelings.

“Oh, well then this is perfect!” She smiles as she steps back into the glow of the single bulb. “I think there are five bottles of this left and you will love it.”

“I completely believe you.” Viktor replies in a serious yet teasing manner.

“You make me laugh.” Nadja grins. “A lot!”

“And that is exactly how we want to keep it. Laughter is good for the soul, if you have one.” He states sarcastically and Nadja laughs aloud.

“See, you cannot be tamed.” She says with a smile as she starts her way up the staircase but then pauses and turns to look at him. “And you have a wonderful soul, I can see it.”

“Okay now you’re just buttering me up because you want me to get the wine glasses. I can see where this is going.”

Viktor grins and Nadja’s laughs rather loudly as she turns and continues to walk up the staircase. This comfortable moment has them both feeling relaxed and happy. As soon as they are once again in the living room, Viktor heads directly to the kitchen to get the wine glasses but he pauses at the sink.


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