Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 190) Night And Day

“You must think I’m nuts.” Viktor says as he continues to look into Nadja’s soft eyes.

“Yes, I can tag that label on you.” She laughs.

“No seriously.” Viktor replies. “I come into your world out of the blue, tell you I dream about your village, you, your house and your deceased aunt, and then I come here to meet you. How crazy is that?” He watches Nadja’s eyes for a reaction but she stands there quietly thinking.

“Aunt Josephine always said the world is a massive place, so what makes you think your soul mate is living in your town?” Nadja looks down. “She was born in Europe and when she was about my age, after her parents’ passed away, she moved here. She did not know anyone in this area, she just knew where she wanted to be and ended up in this cottage.” Nadja laughs and points toward the front of the quaint little dwelling. “Her soul mate lives down the path.”

Viktor listens intently and understands what she is trying to convey.

“Do you understand? I truly do not find it odd, I just think we have a connection and it was time for us to meet.” She steps up close to him. “I’m sorry it is under such strange circumstances, with Aaron and all. If I could go back and never begin a relationship with him I would be happy, but would I be me?” She pauses. “And would you have known to come find me?”

“Then that would mean there was no reason for us to meet.” He says in a calm tone as he watches the amber glow sparkling on her cheeks. “I really want to kiss you right now.” He thinks in his mind as they continue to look into each other’s eyes.

“Well I think you should.” Nadja grins.

“Huh?” Viktor replies quickly. “Did she read my mind?” He questions to himself as he tries to read her expression.

“Aunt Josephine’s bed,” Nadja taps him on the arm. “I still think you should sleep there.” She explains.

Completely crushed by Nadja’s statement of not agreeing to a kiss but merely referring to an earlier part of the conversation, Viktor shakes his head no.

“No, I am actually quite comfortable on the sofa.” He replies as he looks toward the front door. “I think we should finish locking up and call it a night.”

Viktor continues to be worried and on edge fearing something is going to happen tonight, but he is unsure as to what that will be. However, his thoughts are beginning to focus on Aaron more and more. The images from his dreams are clearer now than when he first had them. The colors of each vision are more vibrant than what he remembers, the sound of each episode echoing through his ears as if amplified.

“Oh, okay.” Nadja studies Viktor’s face as he moves around the room. “Have I upset you?” She quizzes for she can see a nervous look in his eyes.

Her temperament in life this past year has developed and been creatively crafted by the man she thought she loved. Most importantly, by the man she thought loved her. In watching Viktor as he locks the front door, she realizes the differences between the two. It is night and day.

“What was that?” Viktor questions as he looks in her direction to her quizzical glance. “Didn’t you just say something?”

“Well, I did not realize I was thinking out loud.” Nadja laughs.

“No worries, when you live alone like us, you tend to carry on both sides of the conversation.” He grins as he looks into Nadja’s room. “Want me to check the window in your room?”

“No, I have checked it so many times these past few days there is no way it could be unlocked.

“Well then, I suppose this is goodnight.” Viktor says as he stands facing Nadja.

“I suppose it is.” She replies, not moving from her place in front of him but after a few seconds, she glances into her room. “I’ll see you in the morning, Viktor.” She then steps into her room and waves goodnight before pushing the door so it is slightly ajar.


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