Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 191) To Be Happy

After slipping into bed, Nadja takes her journal from the small night table and begins to make her entry. It is a positive one, stating the snowstorm was not as bad as expected, that Viktor creates smiles in her eyes and heart, and that she feels safe for the first time in years. She then closes the book but pauses slightly before opening it again.

“I really like Viktor, but I do not want to rush into anything before I am healed from the damage of the past few years. Aunt Josephine? I am afraid I will lose his friendship if I remain distant, but I cannot start anew as long as Aaron continues to be in my thoughts.” A tear runs down Nadja’s cheek before dropping onto the page where she is writing. “Guide me please. Tell me what it is I am supposed to do. I am confused.”

With her last written word, Nadja sets the pen in the crack of the journal and closes the book. Placing it on the nightstand, she reaches up and turns the switch on the dim light causing the room to go completely dark. Rolling over onto her side, she looks out the window at the twinkling lights of the stars in the sky. No clouds are drifting about in this cold night air as the crystal-clear sky dazzles in all its glory. She wonders; is anyone truly looking out for her, or is she alone in this universe and simply holding onto a thin thread of hope.

“I’ve been watching you.” A voice says in the fire lit room where Viktor is sleeping. “I like what I see.”

Viktor hears the last part of this statement and it causes him to open his eyes. Warm and still half-asleep, he rolls over to check the wood in the fireplace.

“Still full and strong.” He mumbles to himself not yet realizing what is was that pulled him out of his slumber.

Rolling over on his side and into a ball, he closes his eyes again and this is when he feels it. Something or someone is sitting on the sofa next to his feel. A rush of adrenalin hurries across his skin as he leans up to slowly look in that direction.

“Hello there Viktor. I’m sorry to wake you.” Josephine says with a sympathetic grin. “I do not know why it is easier for me to visit you in the night. Perhaps the energy in the air is stronger when most creatures are resting.”

“That is an interesting concept.” Viktor says as he sits up. “Is everything okay?”

“I don’t know, I feel uneasy and nervous.” She replies as if she is slightly confused about her visit.

“Any idea why?” Viktor questions as he yawns.

“No, nothing has come to me.” Josephine says softly as she straightens the folds of the long flowing gown she is wearing.

“Have you felt like this before?” Viktor asks now more awake than before.

“No, I cannot say that I have.” She replies and then a hush comes over the room for several seconds.

“I know you will physically protect her.” She nods in the direction of Nadja’s bedroom. “But what do we do about her heart?”

“Her heart?” Viktor is now more awake but is still having a hard time deciphering what it is Josephine is trying to say.

“Her sadness and worry.” She says as she folds her hands on her lap. “None of this is her fault, she just wants to love and be loved so badly that she sometimes forgets that she too needs to be happy.”


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