Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 192) Impact

A spark pops loudly from the fireplace causing Viktor to jump and look in that direction. He sees a red ember has landed on the wooden floor so he swiftly jumps up to push it back onto the bricks of the fireplace hearth.

“Glad you woke me up, that could have caught the floor on fire, or at least burnt a spot onto it.” Viktor grins as he turns back toward Josephine, but she is no longer there. “Josephine?” He whispers and then realizes he must have been dreaming and continues to concentrate on the fire.

Placing another log on the glowing stack of wood, he holds his hands out to warm them and at this quiet moment, something causes every hair on his neck to stand out. He has that feeling, the frightening one where he knows someone is in the room, coming up behind him about to pounce. Before he can turnaround, there is a loud squeak from the floorboards behind him and he feels the impact of a fist near the back of his head. Taking the blow nearly knocks him down but he turns to face this foe with an impact of his own.

Staggering backwards, it is obvious Aaron was not expecting a counter attack but he quickly regains his composure. Coming at Viktor once again, Aaron’s fist pounds into Viktor’s cheek with a loud pop.

“I’ll kill you!” Aaron says in a low tone with gritted teeth as he grabs Viktor by the throat.

“Not if I kill you first.” Viktor counters.

Barely able to breathe out his words, Viktor’s fist makes contact with Aaron’s ribcage causing this tall broad man to release his hold and back up.

Again, Viktor presses forward adding another blow to his score as he connects with Aaron’s jaw and then his abdomen. As Aaron stumbles back, Viktor glances at the door to Nadja’s room and it proves to be a mistake. Suddenly, he feels a pain on the right side of his neck and as if in slow motion, he tumbles to the floor losing consciousness before he hits the thick wooden planks.

There, standing amongst dark blue mist in the foggy air, Viktor finds himself at the gate to the cottage. The ground is warm and moist, void of any snow or ice and bright green moss is soft on his bare feet. There are no lights on in the small house but he can tell the fire is flickering in the fireplace. As he approaches the building, he sees the damage to the lock on the front door. It is obvious someone has tampered with it and the door is slightly ajar. A large looming shadow crosses in front of the glass window and this causes Viktor to pause, but only for a second.

“Nadja.” He says quickly in a soft tone.

Pushing the door open, he steps into the room but it is pitch black. There is no light from any source and no room full of flickering shadows dancing on the walls.

“I’m in the wardrobe closet, I just know it.” He whispers as he holds his hands out trying to find his way around. “Nadja, you need to wake up.” He says in a low tone as he tries to get his bearings on exactly where he is. “Where the hell is Aaron?”

A very low light begins to appear up ahead and just as he suspected, he is on the backside of the mirror. Stepping up as close to the glass as possible, he can see Nadja asleep in her bed. He raises his fist to pound on the mirror, but just like all the other times before, he cannot touch it.

“Nadja!” He yells loudly hoping this will raise her from her sleep. “Nadja get up!” He says as he watches the door to her room slowly open. “Damn it!” He says with urgency. “Aaron, don’t you touch her!”


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