Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 194) Wake Up

“Oh god, Aaron is here.” Nadja whispers as she steps closer to the glass. “Viktor?”

“Yes?” Viktor responds.

“I am still in bed aren’t I?” She questions in a mellow tone.

“Yes.” Viktor replies as he holds her hands tighter. “We need for you to wake up Nadja.”

The early morning light filtering in the window makes it easy to make out the details of the room. Both Nadja and Viktor stand in silence as Aaron slides his hand down the post of the bed and gently takes hold of the blanket and sheet. He crumples it in his hand as he slowly begins to pull it down toward Nadja’s feet.

“What is he doing?” She asks as tears begin to form in her eyes.

Pushing his fists up, Viktor again tries to pound at the glass but just as before, he is blocked by a thick invisible layer of silence. No matter how hard he tries, his movements do not create a sound or a response nor does he feel the pressure point that stops him.

“Damn dreams!” He yells. “Nadja, you have to think hard, you have to get yourself out of there!”

“I don’t know how!” She responds as tears begin to roll down her cheeks as she watches Aaron pulling the blankets from around her.

This menacing man gently sits down on the bed near Nadja’s exposed legs and as if outlining her position, he drifts his hand up along her thigh to where her nightdress covers her. His hand hovers above her body as he glides it along the curve of her back and then follows her legs back down to her toes.

“What is he doing?” Nadja’s says, now physically shaking.

“Wake up, wake up, wake up!” She screams as she lunges at the glass, her fists up in the air and her voice loud and powerful.

The sound of glass breaking and wood splintering causes Nadja to leap out of bed just as Viktor comes crashing through the wardrobe closet into the room. Aaron grabs Nadja’s arm as she attempts to run for the bedroom door and pulls her back behind him like a rag doll.

“Let go of her!” Viktor yells as he gains his footing.

“She belongs to me.” Aaron states in a grumble as he twists Nadja’s arm causing her to yell out in pain.

Viktor cannot see Nadja’s face as she is held captive behind Aaron’s stature. However, he did hear her painful cry and knows he must get her free before she is victimized any further. Oddly enough, Aaron remains calm as if nothing can touch him, as if he is able to control everyone in the room. This is intimidating to Viktor for he knows firsthand the power this man can wield with his hands but he cannot stand by and let this situation mature.

“Aaron, let her go.” Viktor says calmly.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” Aaron responds as if Viktor is beneath him.

“Aaron, we are through, you know this. You have to stop.” Nadja speaks out just before she winces and cries out again as her arm is twisted by Aaron.

“Stop hurting her!” Viktor says as he watches Aaron closely.

“You can go to hell.” Aaron says in a calm tone as he pulls Nadja along with him toward to the door to the living room.

“No Aaron!” Nadja yells as she fights back but a slap across her face from Aaron causes her to stop completely.

“You can’t do that!” Viktor yells as he starts looking for anything in the room he can use as a weapon.

“I can do anything I want.” Aaron replies as he kicks the front door open hard enough to break the handle off into the wood panel on the wall.


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