Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 195) Express

Picking up a heavy iron vase from Nadja’s dresser, Viktor charges at Aaron. Slamming it down on his arm, which releases Aaron’s hold on Nadja’s wrist and she dashes toward her aunt’s bedroom.

Full of anger as he holds his hand over his arm, Aaron charges at Viktor who swings once again. This time it connects with Aaron’s head and the man begins to stagger around, falling onto the sofa as he reaches for Nadja.

“Go, go, go, go!” Viktor yells as he grabs his shoes and shirt then runs to where Nadja is, slamming the bedroom door shut.“Get that thing open!” He orders Nadja to work on the entrance to the secret room. “We can lock it behind us, right?” He questions as he bolts and locks the bedroom door.

“I think so, I don’t know.” She says in a terrified voice.

With shaking hands, Nadja is fumbling with the latch to the tunnel and is taking longer than either expected. Bang! There is a kick to the bedroom door as Aaron continues his wrath upon them.

“Hurry Nadja, we have to go!” Viktor says as he tries to keep his composure while getting dressed and keeping pressure on the door.

“I know, I know!” She cries out in fear but then after a few seconds, she stops and looks up at Viktor.

“What?” Viktor whispers.

Nadja gets up from her position on the floor and walks over to the closed door of her aunt’s bedroom.

“Go work on the lock.” She says barely audible.

“Whatever you do, do not open this door.” Viktor says quietly as he looks into her pooling eyes.

“I won’t.” She replies and then she begins to speak in a clear loud voice. “Aaron! Listen to me!”

“What is it Nadja?” He questions from the other side of the door in a sarcastic manner.

“I’ve had enough with sitting here, letting you make the decisions and directing the situation. You and your controlling personality, somehow you think that makes you a big man but what I see is a shallow man.” Nadja says firmly. “You despise your father for being kind to your mother, but in reality, he has to be one of the bravest and strongest men I’ve ever met. Yet, you see him as weak. You are the weak one, you’re a coward Aaron, an oppressor with no concern for others.” She says as fact as she quietly opens the wardrobe closet of her aunt’s room.

“Well now Nadja, I am glad you feel the need to express your opinion of my parents and myself but I don’t care what you think.” Aaron replies as he punches at the door.

It is obvious this conversation is irritating to him and even though Nadja does not want to make matters worse, she cannot help but feel now is her time to be honest. Now, behind the protection of this door, is the time to express what it is that needs to be said to end this toxic relationship.


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