Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 196) Hurry

“You claim that all of your personality issues stem from your parents, but it is not their fault, you have a twisted line of thinking. Your father loved your Mother, who by the way knew she was slowly dying. Have you any idea how afraid she probably was? How frightened your father was for her? Would that make you angry? Wouldn’t the thought of losing your future leave you depressed?” Nadja questions of Aaron.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that question?” Aaron says as if she should be afraid of losing her life.

During this conversation, Viktor continues to tinker with the lock that up until now has never been stuck like this. Finally, the latch opens, exposing the room below. He looks over at Nadja, who is standing with her back to him. She pulls her night slip off and takes a sweater from the stack of items inside her aunt’s wardrobe, and quickly puts it on.

“I know what you are trying to do Aaron, but you’re not going to twist this around on me.” Nadja replies without giving Aaron a chance to interject. “Your mother couldn’t help herself for being who she was. Her anger was stronger than her soft side but your father knew that. If anyone in this world is weak it is you, Aaron. You made me change my hair so it suited you, I had to memorize things to say to you, did you think I could not say loving things on my own? No, you had to make sure I was brainwashed into thinking only of you, to do things only for you, to be on this planet only for you!” The tone of Nadja’s voice is confident and sound. “I’m done, Aaron! We are over and I need you to leave now.”

“Hurry Nadja, we have to go.” Viktor says in a whisper as he tries to keep his composure.

“I know, I know.” She replies by mouthing the words as she pulls on a pair of pants.

Finally, after several minutes of silence from the other side of the door, Nadja is dressed and slips on a pair of shoes.

“Does he know about this?” Viktor questions as Nadja joins him at the secret doorway.

“I don’t know.” She replies.

Bang! Heavy kicks begin to hit the door followed by what sounds like a piece of furniture being thrown around the living room.

“Hurry!” Nadja whispers as she rushes down the ladder.

She flips the switch to light the secret room that leads to the tunnel and the sound of water can be heard flowing from somewhere deeper in the system. This worries them both but they realize this is their only hope for escape. Viktor barely touches the rungs of the ladder as he drops to the concrete floor and immediately begins pushing the secret door shut.

“How do we lock it?” He questions as he looks around the area.

“I don’t know, maybe this lever?” Nadja states as she reaches up and pulls the metal handle down, but it stops midway. “Viktor, help.”

Pulling down hard, the lock slides into the casing but not all the way. It feels jammed or warped and even pulling himself up, using all the weight of his body, the bar does not press down into its resting place correctly.

“It’s caught on something, we need to leave it and get moving. Maybe with just this little section in it will still hold him back.” Viktor says as he grabs Nadja’s hand and they dash into the tunnel.


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