Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 197) Darkness

Breaking through the door to Josephine’s room, splinters of wood fly in all directions and Aaron stops in his tracks. The room is empty and the window securely locked with the screen still attached. Because of this, he knows they did not escape in that manner.

“Come on, I know you are in here.” Aaron says in an angry tone as his rage continues to build.

He turns the light switch to brighten the area and begins to check the large wardrobes on each side of the room, but he finds himself alone. Extreme frustration grows as he swipes his arm across the dresser knocking items to the floor shattering delicate trinkets that have set there for years.

“What is the trick?” He quizzes to himself surprised that Nadja could have made such detailed choices. “Looks like somebody thought this through, I have to give her credit for that.” He smirks.

Just as he turns out the light and begins to exit the room, a sliver of a glow from under one of the bookcases catches his eye.

“Well well well, not so smart after all.” He says as he turns the light back on.

Making his way to the bookcase, he topples even more items to the floor hoping this will aggravate Nadja. That is if she is listening and he is sure she must be. Quickly, he begins to work on opening the doorway to the secret passage.

With water dripping in though the crevices of stone, the inner mountainside tunnel is wet with mud. The heavy snowfall packed high on the ground above, but with the warming of the day, has the melting process was well under way. Underground streams have filled to capacity causing this flooding effect in the tunneled route to the south.

“Watch out, there is a huge crack in the wall up ahead.” Viktor points out as they make their way along.

“There on the wall is the next switch to light our way.” Nadja says as she points to the right.

Viktor flips the top one up but it works the lights that are already on and this casts them into complete darkness.

“I can hear you!” A voice yells from the black abyss behind them.

“Oh god, it’s Aaron.” Nadja whispers as she begins to tremble. “The lock didn’t hold on the bookcase.”

With his hand now on the bottom switch, Viktor flips it on and the tunnel ahead brightens. It also reveals a mirror hanging on the wall at the next curve, which causes both he and Nadja to jump.

“I thought that was a person, it’s only our reflections, keep moving.” Viktor states as he gently pushes Nadja along.

He wishes he had thought to bring a flashlight. This way if the lights in the tunnel go out, or they want to keep Aaron in the dark, they could have. He is angry at himself for not thinking this through, after all, his dreams have been filled with this intrusion aspect. He should have created an escape bag.

Looking back from where they came, Viktor imagines Aaron catching up to them. He can almost envision the huge man sprinting their way. Thankfully, he does not become visible and that portion of the tunnel is still dark. He is hopeful this means Aaron has not made it that far yet, meaning they still have a good distance between them. Pressing forward and nearly running, they come to the next turn in the tunnel.

“Oh no, it’s a cave-in.” Nadja whispers


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