Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 198) Stop

Up ahead in the dim lighting are large rocks mixed with mud blocking most of the tunnel. Water is rushing in from the large opening in the wall to the right, crossing the path, and plummeting down into a massive opening across from it. Beyond that point, visible along the top left side, the lights in the next section are flickering in a haphazard manner. A mirror of four squares, much like a window, is hanging sideways, shattered amongst the debris. This reminds Viktor of his latest dream and the meaning behind it. Vulnerability, he states in his mind.

“Now what?” Nadja questions nervously as she looks for a way to pass this obstacle.

“We may have to start digging.” Viktor says as he steps through the rushing water.

Pushing a large rock off to the side, it tumbles into the cavernous hole pulling with it several other large rocks as well as gravel and portions of concrete from the tunnel wall. He steps back quickly, fearing the entire section may give way. Wet and muddy, he passes back through the spray of water and wipes his hand on his pants.

“I’m worried that if we do too much we will collapse the entire wall.” Viktor states quietly as he watches the corner of the tunnel they just passed through. “Using that mirror, will we be able to see Aaron approaching?”

“I don’t know. I’ve only been down here one time before.” Nadja says in a shaky voice.

She is angry, fearful, and worried about Aaron’s mental state. The last thing she wanted was for anyone to be hurt, mentally or physically by the man she once thought she loved. Just as she has done in the past, she questions herself, her own judgment on how she could have been fooled by someone like Aaron. When at anytime did she think the relationship was normal? Why did she continue to go back to him time and time again? Viktor is warm, funny, caring and intelligent. He is a complete opposite of the man following behind them in the tunnel. Most of all, she does not want Viktor to be hurt in any way.

“You go.” Nadja says as she takes Viktor’s hand.

“Excuse me?” Viktor responds as he looks into her eyes.

“Keep going, I need to put an end to this.” Nadja says as she turns to look behind her.

“Oh no you don’t. I didn’t come all this way to let you stand here alone.” Viktor says in a strong tone. “Just let me get some of this moved and we can get out of here.”

As Viktor begins to remove the rubble before them, there is a sound that catches his attention. Nadja has walked back up the tunnel toward the next turn and it is Aaron’s voice that causes Viktor to pause.

“Fine then, let’s talk this through!” Aaron says loudly.

“Just stay where you are, we can see you in the mirror!” Nadja says in a more commanding voice than Viktor has heard from her.

In using the reflection of the mirror, Viktor can see that Aaron is nearing. Nadja is standing still as she holds her hand motioning that Aaron should stop where he is.


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