Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 200) Her Elder

“I am proud of you.” Josephine’s voice is clear and soft.

“Aunt Josephine?” Nadja questions as she opens her eyes and finds herself sitting under a cherry tree as loose blossoms gently drift down to the ground.

She looks up at the beautiful pink canopy of spring flowers, the brilliance of the sky beyond them, and she smells the scent of sweetness in the air.

“You were very strong in standing up to Aaron.” Josephine says as she sits beside her niece on a soft bed of white and purple violets. “I always knew that one day you would recognize the power within yourself.”

Nadja is slightly confused as to where she is and why? She looks around at the landscape, which she does recognize as the mountain she now calls home, and not with the first taste of winter. Here now, with her aunt, it is spring.

“Wasn’t it snowing?” She quizzes to her aunt. “Why has so much time passed? What has happened?”

Nadja does not recall the last few moments before she began speaking with her aunt nor does she realize Viktor and Aaron are still at battle in the belly of the tunnel.

Bloodied and bruised by Aaron’s assault, Viktor turns at just the right moment, when Aaron’s footing is off-balance and kicks him in the stomach, causing him to fall backwards, nearly dropping into the spacious hole next to them. All Viktor can think about is Nadja and he hopes she kept running once she made it to the other side of the rubble from the cave-in.

“You are going to die today!” Aaron grumbles as he stands towering in the crumbling depths of the tunnel.

“No, not if I have anything to say about it.” Viktor responds but doubt is in his mind at this point.

Trying to see around the rapid increase of water spraying within this grotto, Viktor does not notice Nadja is still on the other side of the landslide. His hopes increase that she is safe and sound possibly trying to contact someone, Carl or the authorities, for help. This positive thought is soon destroyed as he attempts to climb over the path of debris. Just on the other side, lying in the wet mud he realizes Nadja is still there and unconscious. He does not have time to see if she is breathing before he is shoved, facedown into the cold wet collection of earth and stone.

“This is your end.” Aaron says with gritted teeth as he holds Viktor’s face firmly in the mud.

“You have more choices to make dearest girl.” Josephine says as she looks up at the branches of the tree. “Be wise in which direction you grow. Be sure to protect your heart but not to the point of losing yourself or missing out on someone wonderful.”

Nadja watches as her beautiful aunt tips her head down and looks at her. There it is, that understanding smile she knows so well of her elder. The sun glistening in her hair as tiny blossoms float by like feathers.

“Can I just stay here with you?” Nadja questions as she reaches for her aunt’s hand, but as the words leave her lips a blanket of fog separates her from this beautiful scene.


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  2. See you, tomorrow. I want to finish reading everything before I say good-bye!
    It seems you are leaving WordPress?

    February 20, 2017 at 7:03 pm

    • I will still be here reading and enjoying your work and the pages I follow. My page will stay up, but I am not writing. I want to be here to see you become a bigger star than you already are! 😀

      February 21, 2017 at 6:24 am

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