Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 201) Comprehend

A loud hissing sound fills Nadja’s ears and the sensation of spinning in circles begins to make her ill. With heavy eyes, she tries to see what is happening and then with a loud pop, she feels the cold wet floor of the tunnel.

“Viktor?” She barely whispers.

Sitting up she can hear the water flowing heavily across the tunnel on the other side of the cave-in. Pulling herself along, she climbs just high enough to peek around it. To her dismay, she sees Aaron, his knee at the back of Viktor’s neck, pressing him further into the mud. It is obvious Viktor is struggling to break free and she takes hold of a large rock. With both hands, she forces it down on Aaron’s head and immediately he staggers back, tripping over Viktor’s feet.

With a heavy gasp of air, Viktor pulls himself out of the impression made in the mud as cold water sprays across his face and body.

“Give me your hand, hurry! Aaron is about to stand back up!” Nadja screams at Viktor who is still trying to regain his footing.

Watching from atop the rubble, Nadja begins to panic as Aaron once again stands up. Viktor, frantically climbing up the slippery mess of mud, stone and freezing water, finally slides through the opening and is safely on the other side.

“I will kill you both!” Aaron yells as he begins to climb through the debris

Viktor steps in front of Nadja ready for the next attack but Aaron slips and falls back down into the water.

“You are a real life monster, Aaron!” Nadja says loudly. “One day, you will fall victim to your own nasty deeds!”

Seconds after these words leave Nadja’s lips, the ground begins to shake and the flickering lights of the tunnel turn off and on as if shorting out. Top sections of the tunnel begin to fall in pieces around them, as the rumbling sound grows stronger.

“The tunnel is caving in on us!” Viktor yells above the deafening sound.

As Aaron stands to start the climb again, the mirror to his right begins to sway as more water forces its way through the underground stream. Something catches his eye and as he steps closer, he realizes a woman, standing directly behind him, is in the reflection.

“What the. . . ? He questions as he turns around to look behind him.

Aaron does not find anyone next to him in this murky wet place and he is unable to comprehend what is happening. Looking back at the glass this woman is walking closer to him and as his fear rises, Aaron turns again to find an empty tunnel.

Watching this odd behavior from the opening at the top of the rubble, Viktor leans up to regain his footing and then sees what it is Aaron is focused on. Reflecting in one small broken shard of the mirror, or perhaps from inside or behind this reflective glass, is Josephine.


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