Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 202) Collapsing

Just as Aaron once again turns back to view the mirror, the face of the woman appears closer. As if reaching out, extending beyond the frame of broken glass she is reflected in, Josephine’s eyes are focused on Aaron’s. There is fear there within him and she grins in a sly manner.

“Boo!” Says Josephine as her image lunges from the mirror toward Aaron.

Suddenly, the walls of the tunnel begin to shift and more water pours through the crevice in the wall. Quickly, Viktor climbs down from the debris to be with Nadja but then he turns back.

“Aaron, get out of there, it’s going to collapse!” Viktor yells as he watches for Aaron to appear in the opening.

Struggling with the image he has seen in the glass, Aaron finally realizes everything is falling in around him. The tunnel begins to collapse and it starts near the house. The sound of splintering wood, rocks tumbling and concrete folding becomes louder as the mountain starts the process of reclaiming the area.

Aaron climbs up the side of the cave-in and as soon as Viktor sees his hand, he reaches for it to assist.

“Come on man! You have to move!” Viktor yells as he wraps his fingers around Aaron’s wrist to help pull him through.

At this moment, an enormous amount of water floods in from the wall collapsing the ceiling and blocking the path to Aaron completely as his hand slips out of Viktor’s.

“Oh my god!” Nadja yells.

Both shocked and frightened, Viktor and Nadja begin digging with their hands to save Aaron, but with the force of the water growing more intense, it pushes them back. The rumbling sound begins to increase once again and Viktor grabs Nadja by the hand.

“We have to go, now!” Viktor yells as he and Nadja begin to run south with the hope of reaching the southern opening.

The decision to leave was the correct one, for the walls are folding in as if chasing to gobble them up. Just as the lights flash for the last time and go out completely, they round the final corner and find themselves at the entrance. Practically crashing through the wooden door, they free themselves from the dark tomb that nearly swallowed them up.


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