Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 205) Tears

“I want to talk to him.” Nadja says as she starts to release her hug with Martha but the older woman does not let her go.

“No honey, he didn’t make it.” Martha says as tears form in her eyes.

“When Carl didn’t show up for breakfast we popped over thinking maybe he overslept but. . . we found him face down on the floor.” Sam shares with Viktor as he pulls him to the side. “Looked like someone hit him on the back of the head with a heavy object, they haven’t figured out exactly what yet.” Sam Points to the police officers who are taping the area off to keep everyone out of the crime scene. “Police said the alarms went off at the soap factory last night but they didn’t find anything when they checked it out, well except for a few things that were knocked onto the floor.”

Viktor looks over at Nadja and he is sure she heard every word Sam spoke. His voice is loud and with his hearing gone due to age, his whispers are that of a normal speaking tone.

“Nadja?” Viktor questions as she turns to look at him. “I’m so sorry.” He says and she immediately runs into his arms burying her head in his chest.

“It was Aaron, there is no doubt in my mind it was him.” She says as tears begin to flow freely.

Is that the fellow who showed up here the other day, the big guy with the smug attitude?” Sam questions of Viktor.

“Yes.” Viktor replies. “He came to the cottage, chased us through the tunnel.”

“Tunnel? What tunnel?” Sam seems confused. “Well, where the hell is he now? Officer!” Sam yells to gain the police officers attention.

“The tunnel collapsed, we think he is still in there.” Nadja states and then pauses as she looks up at Viktor. “I hope he is dead,” she says with pain in her eyes, “and I want him off this mountain.”

“The man responsible is trapped up the way, in a tunnel that leads to Josephine’s house.” Sam says as the officials step up to the group.

“Who is this?” One officer questions as he looks at Viktor in a suspicious manner.

“This is Viktor, a good friend of mine. He has been with me the past few days.” Nadja states in a direct manner.

“Did you know about the tunnel?” Viktor questions of Sam.

“No, never heard of it.” Sam replies and then the officer speaks up.

“We are aware of it. I’ll call in that we may have a man trapped.” The officer states as he walks away while speaking into his radio.

“Come along to the shop, we need to get you both into dry clothes.” Martha states as her motherly instincts kick in. “I still have breakfast on the warmer as well.”


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  1. My friend, this paragraph has a typo: “No honey, he didn’t make it.” Martha says as teas form in her eyes.

    February 8, 2017 at 4:14 am

  2. Nooo! Not Carl!

    February 26, 2017 at 1:35 pm

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