Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 206) Removed

Walking past the front of Carl’s cabin, both Nadja and Viktor look in through the open door. The small wood stove is exactly what Viktor remembers seeing in his dream and his heart sinks.

“I could have saved him.” He mumbles and Nadja stops to look up at him.

“What did you say?” She asks.

“I could have saved him. I saw this in a dream, I saw a tall dark figure standing next to that exact wood stove and I just knew something was wrong.” Viktor says.

“No one could have predicted this, Viktor. So don’t say that.” Nadja slides her hand in his as they follow Martha to the shop next door.

He thinks in his mind about all the other visions he has witnessed. What has come true and what other hints has he brushed off? The burning of the soap factory, the authorities said there was a break in or something happened for the alarm to sound, but it is still standing. He hates the fact that he cannot differentiate between what is to be and what is simply the subconscious mind working its way through the events of the day.

Once inside the store, Martha retreats to the back room to find both Nadja and Viktor a change of warm clothes. Standing there in silence, Nadja walks over to the window and watches as the vehicle of the coroner’s office arrives. Two men step out and enter Carl’s cabin.

“They will be together again.” Nadja says in a low voice.

Viktor hears what Nadja says and walks over to her. He recalls a statement Josephine said during one of her visits to his dream. It was the one where he feared the factory was gutted by fire. What he got from her statement was that once something is destroyed, like a forest in a fire, new growth will sprout and the forest may grow even stronger than before. He wonders if all the events happening now are for Nadja’s rebirth into a world of better things. He wraps his arms around her as they both watch the events outside.

“I went through our latest shipment and found clothes that should fit you well.” Martha smiles as she enters the room. “I tossed them in the clothes dryer so they are nice and warm.

“Thank you, Martha.” Nadja smiles as she takes what Martha has offered and walks to the restrooms at the back of the building.

“I cannot believe this has happened.” Viktor says to the older woman.

“Carl really liked you, he told us all about you coming here to find Nadja, very romantic.” Martha grins. “We knew you were a good man when we met you.”

“Thank you.” Viktor replies in a shy manner.

He is still unsure of how to respond, even at his age to such a compliment. He meets Nadja halfway through the store as she returns in warm dry clothing. As they pass, and without pausing in their steps, they touch fingers in a mutual reassuring way. It is a small gesture of support for one another they both felt was necessary.

“He was like an uncle to you, I know.” Martha says to Nadja as she walks back to the window.

“Yes, that is exactly how I felt about him.” Nadja replies as she watches his body being removed from the cabin across the way.


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