Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 208) Hatred

The officer clicks the radio on his sleeve and begins talking. He issues an alert to the other officials in the area that he needs assistance.

“Backup officers will be arriving soon, I need you both to stay put.” He says in a serious tone as he follows the faint dirt tracks back to the living room.

“This means Aaron is still alive.” Nadja says in a low whisper.

Viktor does not speak a word. He continues standing while Nadja sits down on the corner of her aunt’s bed. He wonders if this makes her happy or sad. Is there still a piece of her that wants Aaron in her life, even after all of the horrible events that have taken place? Toxic relationships are like that, a few of his friends live with their battles and the acid continues to eat away at them.

“What are you thinking?” Nadja questions as she looks up at Viktor.

“Nothing really, I just hope they find him so you can live peacefully.” Viktor replies.

He does not want to hang his heart out on the line and say how he truly feels. If he had his way, he would stay here, either on this mountain or in the village below, just to be near her, to learn more about her, and to see where this friendship takes them. Reality shows that long distance relationships do not last and if he leaves now, he knows this will be the end. One thing he does realize as fact though his flight leaves midday tomorrow. He remembers from his itinerary, he must board the bus in the early morning hours to make it to the airport on time. Today and tonight is all the time they will have left together.

Nadja is in deep thought as well. Her mind takes her to Carl, such a kind man, thoughtful and loving, a man no longer living because of Aaron’s arrogance.

“I hate him.” She says aloud, Viktor looks in her direction. “I always wanted to get to the point that I no longer had good thoughts about him. A time when I could care less about where he is or what he is doing.” Nadja’s voice is strong. “I am there. He finally pushed me to this point. I am void of any emotion for him other than hatred.”

“Don’t let that hatred become an addiction though, that too can harden your soul.” Viktor says as he looks out at the living room just as the officer steps into sight.

“He has been spotted near the train station.” The officer states firmly as many voices of individuals communicating with the police station cause a static on his radio. “Gather what you need. Until he is locked up, it is not safe to stay here.”

Once Viktor and Nadja have packed up, they lock the doorway to the underground room as well as the doors to the cottage.

“I noticed a hole cut in the glass of the window of the kitchen, I made a note to have that repaired.” The officer states as they begin the walk along the snow melted and muddy trail. “It made for an easy entry into the place.”

Viktor does not try to explain that he was already aware of this. The last thing he wants to do is try to explain to a logical thinking man that he dreams of current and future events. Even worse, that he too found the hole and chose not to tell Nadja. That alone would make him appear dishonest and he never wants this to be a word used in association with him. Together the three of them continue down the path in silence.


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