Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 209) A Word

Just before arriving at the depot, several officers meet Nadja and Viktor on the path as they are out scouring the area for Aaron. Two of them give Nadja their condolences for they were good friends with Carl and know how close he and Nadja were. As they round the bend, it is quite a scene at the train station, where many police and forest ranger vehicles sit idle after making a quick arrival. Stepping up onto the porch of the building, another officer quickly greets them.

“I need to get them safely into town.” The officer with Nadja and Viktor states to the other man. “Keep me posted on the events as they unfold. We have to get this guy.” The officer says to his colleague.

The station smells of wet wood and cigarette smoke and Nadja is beginning to feel the effects of the morning. She sits on a bench near the tracks and leans back with her head against the wall.

“It’s catching up with you, isn’t it?” The escorting officer questions in a low tone as he looks at his watch.

“Yes, I believe it is.” She replies as she looks at Viktor and reaches for his hand.

Giving her hand a gentle reassuring squeeze, Viktor looks up the tracks wondering when the next train will arrive. As if reading his mind, the officer explains the schedule shows it is due to arrive in about ten minutes. Just as he says this, another person of authority pulls the officer aside for a hushed conversation.

“There is a small apartment inside the soap factory where we can stay.” Nadja says to Viktor without opening her eyes. “Are you sure you have to leave tomorrow?” She asks as she leans up to look at him.

“If I plan to keep my job and pay my bills, yes. . . unfortunately.” He replies and thoughts begin to race about in his mind.

“What was the purpose of this trip?” He wonders. “Yes, he helped Nadja the best he could, but what did he gain? Why does it seem as if they will now part ways and never speak again?”

Soon the whistle of the approaching train sounds in a clear tone and within seconds of it stopping, Nadja, Viktor and two police officers board.

“It won’t be long now Nadja until you and your friend here are safe and sound in town.” The officer says with a smile. “Are you planning to stay at the hotel or the factory?” He questions.

“I just assumed we would stay at the factory, in the small apartment.” She replies softly.

“Okay, I’ll have someone go by and secure the area since we still haven’t pinned down the goon we are after.” The officer says as if disgusted. “But we will get him, one way or another.” He says with authority, he then leans in close to Viktor. “Can I have a word with you for a moment?” The officer mumbles.

“Uh, sure.” Viktor replies. “I’ll be back in a second.” He says to Nadja before joining the officer at the front of the railcar.


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