Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 212) Secure

“It’s past dinnertime and we are closing up the shop soon.” Regina says as she sets two to-go boxes on the small dining table of the apartment. “I thought you might like something to eat.”

“That is very thoughtful of you, thank you.” Nadja says as she stands.

“There is a police officer at the front door, I think he is standing watch for the night. Are you two in danger?” Regina questions and it is obvious she is not aware of the Aaron factor.

“It is just a precaution.” Nadja says quickly. “No need to worry.”

“Oh. . . okay then.” Regina says with suspicion. “I will see you in the morning then. Have a good night.”

“You too.” Nadja and Viktor reply together.

“I feel like we have lost the entire day.” Nadja says as she begins to unpack the food.

“It’s not exactly how I pictured our last few hours together, that’s for sure.” Viktor replies as he places straws in the drink cups.

“Oh? So how did you think our last day would have been?” Nadja grins as she sits down.

“I was thinking it would be more of a stroll in the woods, wine near the fire, stolen kisses here and there.” Viktor says with a grin and as he sits down across from her, they make eye contact. “After all, you are the beautiful girl from my dreams.”

“Now you are making me blush.” Nadja smiles as she leans across the table and kisses him. “There has to be a time for us, Viktor. I just do not believe now is it.”

Looking back at her food, she works very hard at controlling her tears. It angers her that she is in this position of fear and that it is affecting what may very well be a beautiful relationship with Viktor. Her mind and heart seem to be hard and cold and as much as she hates to hurt Viktor, she knows for him, it is the best thing to do. He does not need to be the one picking up the pieces for her. No, this is a lesson she must accomplish by herself, even if it means she is alone the rest of her life.

As night approaches and the conversation slows, Nadja and Viktor sit back on the bed, pillows propped up on the headboard creating a thick and comfortable relaxed position. The room is aglow with the light from Nadja’s laptop as they look up the flight schedules and print off the information Viktor will need for his trip. Their stressful day catches up with them and before long they soon fall asleep, the laptop at their feet, Nadja’s head resting on Viktor’s chest, his arm secure around her.


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