Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 214) Intruder

“Does Aaron know about this room?” Viktor asks.

“No, he doesn’t know anything about the factory.” She replies as she watches Viktor walk to the window to peer out.

“Except where it is, apparently.” Viktor adds. “The police are down there, they probably got him.

It is now that the horrific sound of a single gunshot echoes as if traveling for miles. Viktor looks at Nadja as she backs away from the locked door. More yelling can be heard followed by a crashing sound as if the door to the building has been kicked in.

“Okay, that does not sound right.” Viktor whispers to Nadja as he pulls her to the back corner of the small apartment.

The officer on the train had asked him if he knew how to use a gun, but never handed him one, which Viktor now realizes was a mistake.

“We need something we can use as a weapon.” Viktor looks next to where they are standing, but then hears talking near the bottom of the spiral staircase. I have to see what is going on, stay here.”

“No! Don’t go out there!” Nadja tugs at his arm.

“It’s okay, I recognize one of the officers voices.” Viktor says with a believable tone, even though he knows this is not true. “Bolt the door behind me.” He whispers as he looks into Nadja’s eyes.

Stepping out onto the metal catwalk that runs the length of the factory, he places his footing carefully to make as little noise as possible, but this still alerts the officers.

“Stop!” One of them commands.

“It’s me, Viktor.” He says cautiously. “What’s going on?” He questions as he looks down at the officers standing on the factory floor.

“We have an intruder, step back into the room.” The officer commands.

Just as Viktor turns to follow the orders given, movement to his left catches his eye. Somehow, Aaron has managed to make his way to the catwalk. He is now only a few feet away from the door to the apartment.

“Stop where you are, both of you!” Yells one of the officers as he moves closer to where Viktor and Aaron are standing. “Put your hands up where I can see them!”

Aaron begins to slowly walk closer to the door and again the officer yells out.

“I said stop and put your hands up!” He commands.

Aaron dashes to the door of the apartment as gunshots are fired from below and Viktor takes cover as close to the wall as possible. With the door swinging open, it completely obstructs Viktor’s view of the walkway. With a sudden loud ringing jolt, Aaron falls back against the catwalk railing causing it to shake back and forth knocking Viktor to his knees.

“Nadja!” Viktor yells as he tries to gain his footing.

Aaron falls down, face first onto the metal walkway and does not make another move. Rushing up the staircase, with guns drawn and pointed at Aaron, the officers make a slow approach.

Viktor stays on his knees as they pass by him and the first officer near Aaron watches him for movement. Slowly pushing the door all the way open, Nadja is there, her arms straight out in front of her with a pistol in her hand. The second officer steps behind the first and gently pulls the gun from her fingers as she turns and looks at Viktor. A flood of tears begin to roll down her cheeks as she steps in his direction. Viktor stands and meets her halfway as he takes her in his arms.

“He is dead.” The officer kneeling down near Aaron’s body says to the group.


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