*Doors To Mirrors: OVERVIEW

Doors To Mirrors: Overview

What do we gain from the images and dreams that consume our nights? Do we interpret the meanings correctly and if so, how do we know which path to follow in our waking world? How often do we wish to live inside the mystery of where our mind goes? Nadja and Viktor both agree they would rather be present in their night wanderings than the real world.

Recurring travels to a village nestled in the mountains has become an interesting challenge. There is a change in the sequence and a peculiar event opens up a vast new place of secrets and obscurity.

The world is an enormous place that should never grow old and one should often open new doors as they present themselves. However, what happens when venturing through doors that lead to mirrors and compelling images that may haunt a soul forever? Is it best to awaken from this place before it is too late or is it possible the dream world has already escaped into reality?

Doors To Mirrors Green 5-2016 Fade
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