Shadows Of Guta 360-379

Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 379) May Be Lost

“Oh, I just. . .” Zsofia pauses as she fights the lump of tension forming in her throat. “I just don’t know if he likes me the way I like him.” She blinks quickly trying to stop the free-flowing emotions as she reaches out and holds Tamas by the hand. “I’m tired too which makes me a little more emotional.” She smiles. “Do not worry about it, okay?” She says happily, as she tries to cover her true feelings but Tamas continues to look at her with concern. “Go to sleep dear brother, I’ll see you in the morning.”

Zsofia smiles at Tamas as she leaves his room and pauses to look in on her grandfather before going back to her own bed. Once under the covers, she stares up at the ceiling and thinks about the kiss she and Stephen shared while sitting by the beautiful large window of the manor. She could tell something was growing between them but now fears, even with Kate’s death, that those feelings may be lost in the circumstances surrounding her mysterious demise. A single tear trickles out of the corner of her eye and runs down the side of her face. Just before it hits the pillow, she brushes it away with her finger.


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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 378) Tears Flow

The last time Zsofia actually spoke with Stephen was the day Kate barged in causing a delightful afternoon to end on a very sour note. Zsofia still feels the hurtful pangs of watching Kate kiss Stephen and the awkwardness when he did not immediately stop her. To Zsofia, she almost feels as if she herself was in the wrong and had overstepped her bounds.

She knows nothing of Stephen’s relationship with Kate or any of the details that led up to Kate’s demise. In her heart, she knows Stephen had nothing to do with the death of his ex-girlfriend, but she also feels a sense of loss for the connection she and Stephen made just before Kate arrived. She feels a great deal of sadness that what was building between them has ceased and may not be repairable.

Leaning up in bed, Tamas reaches over and wipes a tear from his sister’s cheek. Zsofia knew she was in deep thought, but had no idea she was beginning to cry, and the kindness from Tamas makes her tears flow even more.

“Why are you. . . sad?” Tamas says as tears begin to form in his eyes as well.


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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 377) All Day

Coming down the hallway is Tamas, rubbing his eyes and smiling wide. Just as Zsofia suspected, the noises from outside have stirred him so she goes to him and takes his hand.

“You should be in bed,” she says as she puts her arm around him. “The wind is loud, isn’t it?” She questions.

“Loud,” he says in a voice that could be described the same causing Zsofia to laugh as she puts her hand over his mouth.

“Shhh, you’ll wake grandfather.” She whispers but still laughs at the irony of it all, which causes Tamas to grin.

Together they walk down the hall as quietly as possible and Tamas crawls into bed and under his covers. Zsofia sits in a chair next to him to make sure he falls asleep before she attempts to go back to her room.

“Steeee. . . van?” Tamas says as a question and follows it with, “Friends?”

“Yes, he is our friend.” Zsofia smiles because she is currently, and has been all day, thinking about him constantly.


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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 376) Out Of Bed

“Damn Kate.” Stephen says under his breath. “She ruined everything.” He whispers as he opens his eyes. “Do they think I killed her?” He questions in a mumble as he closes his eyes once again. “Do they think I was going to kill the woman tonight?” He recalls the Guta sitting on the bed with the couple. “I was trying to save her. . . god I hope I saved her.” He says softly as he leans back even further and drifts off to sleep.

The wind outside continues to blow as clouds thicken the sky above. Zsofia awakens from a dream she cannot remember, but she knows she is afraid. Looking around her dark room, she pulls the covers up over her shoulders and lets her eyes focus on the obscure lighting. She is at that state when depth perception is a little off and simple things begin to look distorted, or as if they are moving.

“Tamas?” She questions as she tries to see if he may be in the room.

With the wind howling outside causing the windows and house to pop and creak, she fears this may have awakened him as well. If so, he may be frightened or unable to fall back to sleep. Sitting up in bed, Zsofia turns the lamp on that is sitting next to her on a small table. As expected, she finds herself alone in the bedroom but hears movement in the hallway.

“Tamas?” She asks again as she gets out of bed and quickly walks over to her open door.


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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 375) Depressed

“I just want it all to end, just make it end.” Stephen mumbles to himself as he closes his eyes to rest them from the bright lights of the small room. “When did I last sleep?” He mumbles as he feels himself relaxing.

The alcohol he drank earlier is still distorting his thoughts and a depressed state of mind seems to have come to the forefront. It has only been days since he came here completely excited to have, finally after many years, the chance to explore the massive structure that has intrigued him for so long. What was it he hoped to gain? His parents are gone, grandparents too. He has no siblings and only one of his great-aunts is still living as well as a handful of aging extended family members. After she passes, there is no immediate family, no next of kin and no connection. Nothing, he will be isolated from the rest of the world.

Tamas is like a little brother to him, or so that is how he believes he feels, but most of all he and Zsofia made a correlation. Meeting her and getting to know her has been a bright light in his dark and desolate life. Then there is Kate.


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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 374) Bleak

As the car stops Stephen looks up and now realizes how painful his arms and wrists feel due to the handcuffs. Another officer opens Stephen’s door as the driver steps out of the car. Without words, all three men walk into the small building where one escorts Stephen to a cell and then removes the handcuffs. The men begin speaking to one another as the metal door is locked, leaving Stephen alone in his own thoughts.

They have not taken any of his personal belongings from him and even through Stephen has never been jailed in the past, he finds it odd to still have his keys, wallet, a small knife, and even his pills with him. Looking around the cell and out at the men who are now in an adjacent room, he slowly and quietly manages to pull one of his pills from its container swallowing it quickly.

Feeling alone, not just here in the small room but alone in the world, he believes his future is as bleak as it has ever been. Taking a seat on the small cot he leans back against the wall hoping the pill will take effect quickly. The thumping sound of his beating heart is loud in his ears as are the voices of two officers.


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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 373) No Merit

The way the beast was looking at Stephen, was odd to say the least, and it seemed awestruck that he could see it. He wonders why, if this is the case, why is it he can see this creature but no one else can? Why does he have such a connection and an apparent one from an early age? The first time he saw this thing was at the age of nine and the wretched beast has haunted his nightmares and waking hours ever since.

As he and the officer pull up to the police station, his nerves begin to elevate and he now realizes how serious this situation is. He has no one here to help him and he is unsure of how long the authorities will detain him at the jail. Most of all, he wonders what exactly it is they feel he has done wrong? Stephen shakes his head as he looks down at his shoes and thinks to himself.

What will Zsofia think of him now, if she even cares? Her grandfather has had it out for him all along and this is just another reason to push him away from the Eszes family. Surely now, after this display of erratic and crazy behavior, the people will deem him insane as the town fool. After all, he was banging on a window, yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs at something that was not there. As far as the individuals who came to assist know, the woman was simply having a heart attack. There is no merit in the loud display Stephen was creating.


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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 372) Eye Contact

Anxiously looking around at the many faces of those who have gathered here, Stephen does not recognize anyone, nor does he see the repulsive creature lurking anywhere. Now that an officer is behind the wheel, they are about to leave the scene. Just as the car begins to pull away, he sees two men carrying the woman out of her home and they place her in a vehicle to transport her for medical care. Her husband follows and glances up, making eye contact with Stephen and holding that connection, as he watches the police take Stephen away.

The dark and silent drive to the police station has Stephen’s mind whirling with fear and thankfulness at the same time. His greatest fear comes from the encounter with the demon that now seems to be fascinated with him, but also of now becoming incarcerated in a foreign country for an act of violence he did not commit. The way the husband looked at him concerns him as well for he does not know what the man has told the authorities.

He is very thankful for drawing attention to the house, which he hopes saved the woman from a painful death. However, most of all and in what he feels is a selfish act; he feels the commotion saved him from a direct encounter with the demon. If others had not shown up, he could very well have become the next deceased member of the Pap family.


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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 371) Tremble

With a giggle, as if it knew exactly what Stephen was thinking, the Guta grins and nibbles harder at its own fingernails, spitting the shreds out as it bites off little pieces. Again, this strange creature grins and laughs louder as it pushes its head forward then squints its eyes as if angry. Stephen turns his head to the side, closing his eyes as fear begins to take over. He starts to tremble for he knows this monster is there, within inches of him.

“Hey, you alright?” The officer holding Stephen down asks.

He can feel the tremors moving uncontrollably through Stephen’s body and he rolls him over on his back to look at him. Now holding Stephen’s chin, the officer gently shakes his head and repeats the question.

“Are you okay?” He asks clearly concerned.

“No, I. . .” Stephen begins to speak but he cannot seem to explain himself as he closes his eyes tight.

The officer yells at another man and they both pull Stephen to his feet as he feverishly looks around for any sign of the creature. With his body shaking in fear and his eyes scouring the crowd, some may believe he is having a seizure. Still in handcuffs, the men escort him to a car where they place him in the back seat, check his pulse, and cover him in a blanket before shutting the door. Quickly, an officer gets in and starts the engine.


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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 370) Awestruck

Sitting there staring at Stephen is a beast who closely resembles the creature the old woman spoke of. During his encounter with the men at the bar, it was given a name. In talking with them and hearing the stories they told, he knows without a doubt that the monster here in the yard, the one that was pounding its fists down on the poor woman in bed, is indeed the demon they spoke of.

The long thin limbs of the beast are out of proportion compared to its body as it sits in a squatting position. Appearing to be intrigued by Stephen, it lifts its left hand to its mouth, and nibbles at its fingers much like a nervous child. The creatures face is expressionless and its gaze composed as it watches Stephen as if awestruck and in deep thought.

Stephen knows he is in an extremely vulnerable position with his hands clasped by a police officer’s cuffs. Possibly the only thing saving him from a torrent of abuse is the fact that the officer is there with him, holding him down. Yet, just like the woman in the arms of her husband, it would not matter to this tormentor.


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