The Eyes Of A Fetch 101-120

The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 120) Possession

“Why didn’t you tell me about finding the journal last night?” asks Quinn as he smiles at Crispin very eager to hear more.

“I was infuriated when I realized what you were up to last night and didn’t feel the need to fill you in.” Crispin replies as he references back to Quinn’s poor judgment and mischief. He is referring to the tricks of the mind Quinn was playing on Lyla as she walked back to the hotel the night before. He knows Quinn was trying to scare her to the point that she would leave and no longer be a distraction. Due to the recent exchange of words just seconds ago, Crispin is sure Quinn is now fully aware that he stepped over the line. Flipping through the little binder, Crispin holds it up to show Quinn.

“This was the last piece of the puzzle and now with it in our possession we need not worry about the discrepancies of the staff or her Granddaughter.” Crispin says confidently.

“And  what about Marcus?” Quinn asks.

Excerpt 120

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 119) Low And Stern

“The vineyard. . .” starts Quinn before Crispin interrupts him. “I know all too well what I must do in respect to the vineyard and I will not have you interfering where Lyla is concerned.” His voice is low and stern as he tries to make his point without drawing additional attention their way.

“Have I made myself clear?” He questions as he grits his teeth and glares into Quinn’s eyes. Quinn seems to now back down a bit. “Yes. . . indeed you have.” Quinn replies in a low tone as he lifts his chin. He then nods his head and the two men continue on their way. The conversation is silent for several minutes until Crispin speaks.

“Thanks to our bored friend Marcus, last night I was able to get my hands on Arrosa Valente’s notebook.” Says Crispin as he pulls the little book out of his suit jacket.

Excerpt 119

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 118) Persistent

The midmorning sun is beating down on the paved pathways of Madrid. It is the warmest day so far for the season and it seems that everyone wants to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather. The streets and stores are crowded with shoppers and travelers, and almost everyone appears to be in good spirits.

“You cannot continue to allow your emotions to control you.” Quinn says to Crispin in a direct manner as they walk side by side along the crowded street. “I believe we both know the easiest method to end this nonsense.” He continues as he grabs Crispin’s arm attempting to stop him.

Crispin does not respond. His eyes are fixed forward and he is deliberate in his step as he pulls away, but Quinn is persistent. “You are jeopardizing what we have worked so hard to obtain!” Quinn yells in an angry tone.

“Quinn!” says Crispin in a curt manner as he stops in the middle of the sidewalk and turns to face him. “I will not have you dictating to me about this. Do you understand?” demands Crispin as he glares at his older counterpart. He then looks forward again as he says, “Don’t let your tongue cut your throat.”

Excerpt 118

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 117) Tenderly Whispers

Strong arms come around Lyla as she finds herself in a tight yet tender embrace. Closing her eyes, she sways back and forth with him while gently held in his protective arms. Warmth and contentment washes over her. She knows right here, with him is where she wants to be. Soft lips touch her ear sending tingling sensations along her neck as he tenderly whispers words she cannot quite hear. Straining to listen closely, suddenly he yells her name. “Lyla!”

Lyla opens her eyes to see the white detailed ceiling of her hotel room. As she comes out of her slumber, she looks around and realizes she must have been dreaming, but it seemed so real. She could smell the rain and hickory smoke and her body was responding to touch and motion.

Looking in the direction of the balcony she sees light leaking in around the curtains indicating the sun is up and it is a new day. As she comes around, her thoughts go back to the previous night and the shadowy figure that frightened her. She begins to wonder if that too was only a dream. Rolling over she looks at the alarm clock, which reads ten o’clock a.m.

“Wow, I must have been more exhausted than I thought.” She says to herself as she slowly sits up. “I wonder if Marcus made it back yet.”

Excerpt 117

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 116) Hickory Smoke

Off in the distance is a dark menacing thunderstorm. Its deep blue and purple rolls of clouds appear to be reaching out clawing as it pulls itself closer. Gray wisps of fog swirl within as the accumulating haze attempts to settle closer to the ground. Heavy rumbles of thunder boom as lightning cuts its way through the murk with brilliant white flashes and wild splintering streaks.

Lyla stands watching as the wind begins to blow bringing with it the scent of rain and faint sprays of dampness. She closes her eyes as her smooth hair flows in the breeze and mist lightly moistens her face. Behind her, she can hear the popping and crackling of a fireplace and the scent of hickory smoke begins to overtake the smell of the rain.

Slowly she turns and finds herself in a room filled with richly stained wooden floors and a massive rock fireplace. Sitting atop the thick hand carved mantle are lit candles lined neatly in a row defining the stones in a clean white light. Pockets of bright green moss are nestled into the many crevices of the masonry seemingly content with the warmth of the fireplace stones.

Excerpt 116

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 115) Contemplating

The temperature seems to drop dramatically and Lyla now knows she must retreat to her room. Closing and locking the balcony doors behind her she pauses. She is very confused and apprehensive about the unusual things that have been occurring and is contemplating going home.

Who might the man that was standing on the street be and why would he be watching her? Is she becoming paranoid and on edge because she is alone? Was the man simply waiting for his friend to join him and due to her movement on the balcony, she merely caught his attention? That makes more sense to her than for him to be observing her specifically.

On the night table near the bed, Lyla clicks the switch of the lamp on and the room brightens in a comfortable way. She closes her laptop and fluffs the pillows on the bed before turning back the covers. After double-checking the lock on the door to the hallway, she takes a long look out the peephole.

The corridor is brightly lit and completely empty. Looking back at the room, she realizes how very tired she feels and that nothing is more welcomed right now than an uninterrupted goodnight sleep.

Excerpt 115

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 114) Clear View

Lyla looks at the man for a few minutes and as her eyes focus, she realizes he is indeed staring straight up at her. Slowly she steps back and sits down in the chair where she can observe without him having a direct view of her. He does not budge or divert his focus from her balcony, not even after she made it obvious that she noticed him.

“He had to see me looking at him.” She says quietly. However, this did not deter him in any way. “Is that the same man I ran into on the street a couple of days ago?” she questions as she peers over the ledge at him. From where she is sitting, she must look through the railing and barely over the edge of the base of the balcony floor. It would be difficult for him to see her from this position, but she has a very clear view of him.

She tries to remember more from the night she ran into the man but everything happened so fast. Again, she wonders if she would even be able to recognize him, let along match his features to the man currently standing on the street. Quite a long time passes as she continues to sit and watch.

Unexpectedly, this mysterious man is approached by another who appears to have come from the hotel. The two seem to be arguing and this goes on for several minutes before they both walk off in the same direction together.

Excerpt 114

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 113) Looking Up At Her

Looking back at her faintly lit room, Lyla watches as the thin curtains billow and flow in and out. As if the oxygen in the air was lost, the light from the lantern goes out. There is a fear in that darkness and Lyla wants nothing more than to stay outside under the stars.

What is the shadowy thing that she keeps seeing? Why does it seem to be taunting her? Is it even real or just her imagination? She looks back at the gloominess of her room and stands up but cannot force herself to step back inside.

Confused with what to do, she turns and walks to edge of the balcony and places her hands on the rail as she looks up at the stars. The night sky is beautiful, not black, but more of a deep shade of blue. The stars are twinkling as thin wisps of clouds pass between earth and space.

Glancing around at the various buildings, she happens to look down to the street four floors below. A man is standing there, across the street and completely alone. He has broad shoulders, extremely short hair, and his hands are in his pockets. Strangely enough, he appears to be looking up at her.

“Is he looking at me?” Lyla whispers to herself.

Excerpt 113

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 112) Otherworldly

Trying to calm her nerves, Lyla closes her eyes again, for what she is going through feels like a full-blown panic attack. Short random bouts started months ago but she has never had an episode this severe before. Then again, this is the first time she has felt that something dark and otherworldly is forcing its way into her life. She knows gaining control of her breathing will help this massive rush of adrenalin subside.

Slowly she glances up and realizes she is only a few feet away from the balcony door and fresh air. Barely able to walk, she gets up on her feet and pulls back the layers of curtains. Quickly unlatching the lock, she steps out onto her private balcony where she immediately sits down in the chair pulling her legs up and resting her chin on her knees.

The night air is cool and there is a subtle breeze blowing that gently tugs at her long flowing hair. The temperature and movement of the wind is refreshing as after only a few minutes, she begins to feel normal again. The dark street below is quiet and she has no idea of the time nor does she know how long she was asleep before that thing woke her up. Her mind is trying to process the past few hours and to make sense of the strange entity that has been following her.

Excerpt 112

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 111) Air Is Stifled

In a slow motion methodical way, a tall thin black shape shifts from right to left and escapes through the closed door of Lyla’s hotel room. A rush of pressure and fear fills the entire area as if the walls are closing in. The air is stifled and she finds it difficult to breathe.  

Quickly getting up from the bed, she presses her back against the wall while staring at the door the specter fled out through. She can hardly get a breath as she tries to force herself to inhale. Her eyes divert to the beautifully lit lantern as she tries to pull herself together. The lantern, she now realizes, looks exactly like the one she carries in her dream!  

Closing her eyes she slides down the wall and squats near the floor while keeping one hand on the little night table to steady herself. With clammy skin and a soured stomach, she feels as if she will vomit. Looking at the door to the bathroom, she knows she does not have enough strength to get there.

Excerpt 111

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 110) Disoriented

The soothing glow from the stained glass lantern envelopes Lyla’s hotel room in a deep yellow hue with bands of red and green speckled throughout. She became so relaxed on the mound of white pillows that she dozed off with her laptop still on and sitting next to her on the bed. All is quiet and calm in the hotel tonight. There are no sounds of slamming doors or talking or laughter in the halls. She is dreaming and it is the same dream that occurs weekly.

She finds herself in a long smoke filled hall. Is it the long hallway in her house, or some other building, where is she? In her hand, she is holding a lantern and using it to shine light into dark spaces as she passes by. She is desperately searching, but for who or what?     

With no concept of how long she has been asleep, abruptly with a jolt she awakens and is immediately in the grasp of fear. Looking around the room, she feels disoriented, dizzy and not quite sure of where she is. Someone or something is there. She can feel it but even worse, hear it breathing.

Excerpt 110

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 109) Vision Blurs

“Wow, this is the most significant piece of the puzzle. It is imperative Destry gets this in the hands of the family and their lawyers.” Marcus says to himself about the little book. He closes the photo album and tucks the journal under his arm. Carefully, he places the large photo album back in place on the shelf, pulling it out slightly to make it look as if it had never been disturbed.

Excited about his find, he cannot wait to show it to Destry and quickly steps out into the hall. Without any warning, he feels an unbearable pain in the back of his head that causes him to stagger and his vision blurs. Knocking over a small table and its contents, he falls to the floor.

Startled by the crashing sound, Destry and her family members dash up the stairs to find Marcus unconscious and laying face down in the doorway to the library. Blood is oozing from a laceration behind his right ear, trickling down the side of his face, and dripping into a puddle on the floor.

Excerpt 109

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 108) Her Trick

Marcus reads on to find that Arrosa was having premonitions of her demise. These foretelling images came to her in her dreams and during long walks alone. In addition, contrary to what Severo has stated, Arrosa was indeed diagnosed with an ailment that she chose not to share with anyone, not even Severo. His name is mentioned several times in her journaling. She clearly states she loved him with all her heart and in order to protect him, never disclosed that she was ill.  

Along with this expression of devotion to Severo, she logged many different dates as if recording each detail of her life. She indicates how she began to see things that others did not, of hearing voices no one else heard, of shadows following her every move. Many times, she felt as if she was losing her sanity for Severo and other staff members said she was constantly changing her mind.

There was a feeling that stayed with her day and night, as if haunted by something she could not see. One passage speaks of hiding the journal from whatever it was that kept a watchful eye on her.

Secretly, she would set her alarm for two o’clock in the morning and come to the library room to write by the light of a single candle. She was convinced her trick worked, for the photo album was never disturbed and her journal was always as she left it.

Excerpt 108

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 107) Of Sound Mind

Marcus leaves the photo album ajar and sets the little notebook on the desk next to it. Upon review, he finds beautifully scrolled handwriting and the first entry date mentioned is from only three months ago. He reads the statements therein.

“I Arrosa Valente am of sound mind. Upon my demise, I wish for my Granddaughter, Destry Boucher, to be the recipient of my wonderful vineyard, house, and all outbuildings. Along with my estate she shall have access to all funds listed under my name.”

“Hum,” says Marcus. “This is Destry’s Grandmother’s will or last statement or something to that effect.” He reads on.

“My intentions have always been good, for my staff, for my friends, and of course for my family. I fear my time here will be cut short and I must know in my heart that I have taken all precautions to ensure their safety and security for the future. Most of all to make certain they know I love them.”

Excerpt 107

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 106) Concealed

To give Destry and her family privacy, Marcus stayed upstairs in the library where he has been rummaging through several interesting books and ledgers. He thrives on history and it inspires him greatly. While scanning the items on the third shelf, he comes across one book bound in burgundy leather. The edges are frayed and worn as if read several times for many years. It does not have a title or authors name on the side.

Pulling it down, he places it on the desk in the center of the room. As he begins flipping through the pages, he realizes this is a very old photo album of the family’s history. Completely enthralled, he finds it interesting how the land has changed over the years, additions to the house have been documented, and it is stuffed full of very old photographs. Each one lists a title, name, or statement that is strategically written below it. This detailed album is most definitely a family heirloom.

Carefully, he flips from one page to the next but when he reaches the middle of the album, a slim notebook falls to the floor. It looks brand new, not aged or dated like the old album that concealed it.

Excerpt 106

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 105) Sorrowful

For several hours now, Destry has been in the living room of her Grandmother’s house conversing about the sale of the vineyard. She along with one uncle and two cousins are contemplating on why the sale of the land happened in the first place.

Severo joined them about an hour ago and has retold the events that led up to Arrosa’s unexpected demise. Clearly, she was not of sound mind. She appeared to be seeing people who were not there, had become extremely paranoid, and stated she no longer trusted her own eyes.

“One moment she would tell me how much she loved this place, within an hour she would be agitated and talk of practically giving it away.” Severo says with a sorrowful look. “She even said I was trying to trick her! That I was confusing her by changing my mind about our future.” He looks down and grows quiet.

“I still believe we can fight this but it will require all of us working together,” States Destry with much concern, “and pooling together funds so we can pay an attorney.”

There are no comments to her statement and everyone is tired from the mournful day.

Excerpt 105

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 104) Good Find

In the bag, Lyla finds a small package of matches and a bottle of lamp oil. Deciding to light the lamp, she opens the little access and fills the well with just enough oil for a few hours of burn time. This item, for now, has taken her mind off the fright she had just moments earlier.

As she allows the wick to soak in the fluid, she washes up and changes clothing for the night. Several minutes have passed and with the strike of a match, she lights the lamp, lowering the flame to a soft glow.

It projects a slight hint of colorful brightness into the room creating a relaxing atmosphere. To her surprise, she is convinced this was a good find after all. Propping pillows up behind her, she sits on the bed with her laptop as she reads some of the comments that individuals have submitted to Marcus’ website.

Excerpt 104

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 103) Artistic Item

Lyla is unsure of how long she has been staring at the sliver of light under the door, but nothing ever crossed in front of it or blocked the beam in any way. Her mind begins to wander as she tries to make sense of what transpired this evening. Is she going crazy? There is no explanation to what she has witnessed and she wishes Marcus were here for her to confide in.

It is getting late and even though the experience she had consumes her mind, she is forcing herself to relax. In doing so, she begins to prepare for bed. Walking to the cabinet to gather her night-clothes, she sees the shopping bag from the stained glass shop.

Opening it, she looks at the aged oil lantern she was reluctant to buy. Gently she pulls the colorful piece out, removes its wrapping, and places it on the desk near the door to the balcony. She stares at the well-crafted artistic item trying to settle on if she truly likes it or not.

Excerpt 103

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 102) Last Few Steps

Just one flight down, the landing is very dark but Lyla can see some sort of swirling movement. Straight away, she bolts up the last few steps, slams her hands on the lever to open the door on the fourth floor, and steps out into the bright hallway.

The light practically blinds her, which she finds odd since she thought the power had gone out. Running to her room, just two doors down, she swipes her key, enters, and hastily shuts the door behind her.

A tall slender lamp in the right corner dimly lights her room. She backs away from the door and sits down on the bed. Waiting, she watches the crack at the bottom of the door where the light from the hallway is shining in. As if on alert, she is looking for any movement or blockage of light that will let her know someone is there.

Excerpt 102

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 101) Stairs Below

Lyla is between the third and fourth floor when the lights go out in the stairwell. She stops immediately for this leaves her in complete darkness. From high above, a red security light kicks on with a snap. Bang! A door slams shut below her.

Staying put, she listens for movement, and does notice a slight rustling sound. She leans over the railing to see if she has a view to the stairs below and just as she is about to turn to continue her climb, a gliding shadowy form appears. It looks as if it is floating as it gradually follows the path she is taking.

“What in the world?” she whispers to herself. She is not sure, if her eyes are playing tricks or if she has seen a ghost. Rather quickly, she decides to press on now that she is one flight of stairs away from the fourth floor and the privacy of her room.

Bang! Seconds after she passes the door to the third floor, it slams causing her to jump and lose her footing. Catching herself on the railing, she once again leans out to see what might be happening on the stairs below.

Excerpt 101

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