The Eyes Of A Fetch 121-140

The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 140) She Is Worse

“Oliver! Stop that!” says Marnie as she playfully stomps her feet. “I just don’t know what to do with him, he’s so cute. She blows fake kisses in his direction but the dog does not respond to her theatrical actions or her baby talk as he continues to yap loudly.

“Sometimes he makes me nervous and as you know I don’t need that.” Says Marnie as she twists her hair between her fingers then rubs her stomach with her other hand. “I just feel all sluggish most of the time and you know my health isn’t so good. I should really have things checked out.”

According to Marnie, she has every ailment known to man or so she tries to make everyone believe. Her one-upper personality is definitely in high gear most of the time. No matter how bad you feel, she is worse. If you are unfortunate and have a diagnosis of a disease or condition, Marnie has already had it, still has it, or believes she has symptoms of it.

Many specialists have seen her and none of them ever find anything wrong. In other words, she is constantly begging for attention, a bit of a hypochondriac, and has been playing this game for so many years that she now believes her own falsities as truth. With a frown on her face, she continues to pat her stomach waiting for Lyla to ask if she is feeling okay.

Excerpt 140

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 139) Barks And Nips

After a few hugs and tears later, Marcus and Destry say goodbye to Lyla as they leave on their journey to the next city and showing of the art exhibit. Lyla spends an hour at the airport before she is able to board and her flight. She walks through the checkpoint at the gate and takes her seat on the plane.

Her flight is on schedule and after many hours in the air, she makes it back to her hometown without incident. Quickly she contacts the local taxicab service and as soon as she gets in the car, she gives the driver directions straight to Marnie’s house. She is eager to pick up that loveable tubby cat of hers as well as rescue her from what is probably an uninviting household. Knocking on Marnie’s front door, Lyla instantly hears her yappy dog start barking and scratching at the floor.

“Oh hello Lyla!” says Marnie in her high pitched squeaky voice as she swings the door open. Acting surprised, she leans out of the house and hugs Lyla as the little dog barks and nips at their feet.

Excerpt 139

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The Eyes OF A Fetch (Excerpt 138) Fears To Face

“What?” Lyla says as she awakens from her dream. Without turning her head, she looks around the room by only moving her eyes, halfway expecting to find someone or something standing there. Gradually she sits up to listen but the only sounds are from the occasional passing car and a slight whistle as the night breeze pushes into the room through the open doors.

 “I wish I could have seen his face.” She says about her dream as she looks toward the balcony doors. She gets out of bed and walks over to the flowing curtains where she steps through them and out into the night air. There he is. Standing across the street is the same man who was there the night before. She cannot make out his facial features but again, he looks as if he is watching her balcony.

She does not turn away instead she stands there in her night slip, looking at him as if to make a point but he does not alter his stance. This makes her uncomfortable and she slowly backs up stepping into her room as she closes and latches the door.

Rubbing her hands on her bare arms Lyla slips back into bed and rolls over on her side as she tries to go back to sleep. She is thinking of the man outside. What does he want? Is he really watching her as it seems or is it her imagination?

“Oh he’s probably waiting for someone to get off work or something. That is why he is here around the same time as before. You’re just being paranoid.” She says to herself. “Don’t start acting like Marnie and assume it’s all about you.” She whispers to herself then laughs. “No, no one can be as bad as Marnie about that.”

One thing she knows for sure, she misses home. Even though she has fears to face there as well, she is ready. She is excited and glad to be going home to the safety of her small community.

Excerpt 138

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 137) In Thought

With the evening quickly drifting away Lyla tidies up her suite, sets her luggage near the door and washes up for the night. Now that she is ready for bed, she walks over to the balcony doors that are still standing open. Fresh air is always welcome and with her room being on the fourth floor, she knows she is safe to leave them open for the night. The temperature in the room is chilly but that is exactly how Lyla prefers it as she burrows in under the thick comforter. Lying there, she realizes how tired she is and rather quickly, drifts off to sleep.

Rain is falling in heavy drowning torrents of water. There is no wind, only the steady gushing of  rainfall on the house. It is not her house, it is much smaller and older but she feels safe there and now she knows for sure that she is dreaming. As she walks around the room, she sees that candles are slowly lighting by themselves and she feels someone else is there with her.

A man is standing at the fireplace, one hand is on the mantle and his back is to the room. He appears to be deep in thought as he stares into the firelight. Slowly, Lyla makes her way toward him. It is hard to walk and she feels like her legs weigh a hundred pounds. With her arm extended, she attempts to tap on his shoulder but her legs are not cooperating and she can barely move.

After several minutes of forcing herself to move in his direction, she gets closer. Finally, she is able to reach out touching his left shoulder with the slightest tip of her fingers. The man looks to his side as he acknowledges her and then slowly turns to face her.   

Excerpt 137

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 136) The Encounter

With a flash of light, it is as if Lyla is pulled into a dream. She feels herself resting back against the chest of a man. He is talking, but she hears his heartbeat louder than his words. There is a fire, not one to be afraid of but one of warmth and coziness. She feels happy and at peace. The place where she and this man are sitting appears to be full of bright candles.

Suddenly, with a loud rushing sound, Lyla snaps out of it and realizes an email from Marnie just came in. She states she is thrilled that Lyla is returning early and then rambles on about her hair and how many people stopped her on the street to compliment her on her new jacket.

Next, she flutters into how glad she will be to get her house back. She then tries to explain that it has nothing to do with sending Smokey on her way. Therefore, in true Marnie fashion, this conversation is all about her. It was obvious she did not want to keep Smokey anyhow and Lyla will be glad to have her cat safe and sound and in her own surroundings once again.

Leaning up a bit, Lyla looks down at the road and sidewalk where she saw the two men bickering the night before. The street seems eerily quiet tonight and it is still early enough that people should be going out. It just seems odd that it is so hushed. Her thoughts go back to the man she bumped into on the street a few evenings ago.

No matter how hard she tries, she just cannot stop thinking about the encounter. There was a definite charge when they touched and his eyes were so different. Is it possible that what struck her so strongly was how familiar they were?

Excerpt 136

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 135) Display Above

The next hour goes by rather quickly as Lyla performs the task of packing. Now that everything is nestled into its proper place, she decides to sit out on the balcony for the rest of the evening. Taking her laptop with her, she types a note back home to Marnie.

“I’m heading home tomorrow and will call you when I get in. With the long flight, time change, and slight layover in New York, I should be home late in the evening. I know you will want me to pick Smokey up ASAP and I am ready to get her home. Thanks so much for watching her.” She hits send and sets her laptop aside as she waits for a reply.   

The air has cooled down considerably and the moon has not yet risen allowing the night sky to grow incredibly dark. Bright stars of all sizes begin their beautiful display in the heavens above, as everything grows silent and still. Lyla sits in the chair with her feet on the seat and her arms around her legs as she looks up at the stunning display above her.

“It’s beautiful here but I’m ready to sit under my own stars.” She whispers as she rocks back and forth slightly.

Excerpt 135

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 134) Stay In

Lyla’s mind is focused on the past and she is not sure why. The waiter that brought Marcus’ dinner to the room reminded her of someone, but she cannot seem to identify whom. Her thoughts now go to that dark being that was popping in and out of the shadows of the stairwell and her room just last night.

Was she simply paranoid and only thought she saw and heard things? She hopes that when she returns home, everything will go back to normal. Then again, is it even possible? She is not truly sure what normal really is. Deep in thought, she does not realize she has been standing outside her hotel room for several minutes.

“Wow you idiot,” she says to herself as she swipes her card in the lock. “Just stand around in the hall like you’re lost or something.” The door clicks and she turns the knob but hesitates to go in. When the bell on the elevator dings behind her, she pushes her way into the room shutting the door just as the elevator doors open. Like a spy, she looks out the peephole as two couples step into the hall, hug each other, and go their separate ways.

“I’m acting ridiculous,” she says to herself, “so I think I’ll stay in tonight.” During her outing the day before, she picked up several pieces of fruit and a variety of crackers. She nibbles on her findings as she starts packing for tomorrow’s departure and her excitement level rises. She is actually glad to be returning to her grand old house. 

Excerpt 134

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 133) It’s Settled

“Well now, it’s settled then,” says Lyla. “I’m heading home tomorrow, correct?” She straightens the comforter that is folded across the foot of the bed. This is her attempt at changing the mood in the room to allow Destry time to gather herself.

 “I guess.” Says Marcus as he pokes at his garlic potatoes with his fork. “We will stay in touch by phone and email, right?” he asks. “Yep, we will most definitely do that.” Replies Lyla as she walks over to him. “You act like you’re feeling better.”

“I am now, check out the size of this steak!” he says with a wide grin and steak knife in hand. “Okay, you’re back to your old self and I’m going to get out of your hair.” Says Lyla as she taps him on the arm then gives him a kiss on the cheek. “Behave yourself.” She winks at him and smiles at Destry as she leaves the room.

The walls of the fourth floor hallway are white and contrast well with the gold design on the red carpet. The corridor is very bright as she walks along the empty hall alone. Finally, she rounds the corner and can see the elevator doors, which means her room is just a few steps away.

Excerpt 133

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 132) This Annoys Him

“Enjoy your meal, Sir.” States the waiter. As he starts to leave, Destry stops him by tugging on his arm. “Here, this is for you.” She says as she hands him a tip. “Thank you,” he nods to her then says, “Ma’am” as he passes by Lyla. “Wait please.” Destry says in a hasty manner. “Have you seen this woman?” she pulls out the copy of the article and shows it to the waiter. “Do you know what room she is in?”

“I’m sorry Ma’am, even if I recognized her and I don’t, I would not be able to disclose such information,” states the waiter as he presses forward. “I just thought that since you work here,” Destry pauses, “that if you know anything, could you please tell me?” She sounds very desperate and the waiter acts as if this annoys him. “Again, I am sorry but I do not have any information to share.” He steps out of the room pulling the door shut behind him. Marcus looks confused.

“What’s going on?” He asks as he sits up taller in bed. “Oh, I’ll explain it to you later,” replies Destry now completely defeated as she looks at Lyla. “I don’t know why I’m inquiring, I buried Grandmother and I know she is gone.” She turns away to wipe her eyes as Marcus shoots a questioning look to Lyla. She waves her hand as if to say, “Drop it.”

Excerpt 132

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 131) The Waiter

Lyla shakes her head and realizes she is standing in the waiter’s way. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” she opens the door wide enough for him to push the cart in and she watches him closely. “I’ll prepare the setup and will be out of your way shortly.” He says as he begins to remove the lids from the plates and bowls.

“So when are you leaving?” Marcus asks Lyla. “I wanted to talk with you before I booked the flight.” She replies as she stands near the door. “I’m hoping to travel out tomorrow afternoon if possible. You two will be heading off to the next exhibit before then so I figured we could part ways after an early lunch.” Lyla is watching the waiter as he methodically prepares the tray for Marcus. There is something very familiar about his movements as he works but she cannot quite figure out why.

“Are you okay?” questions Destry as she touches Lyla’s arm. Lyla is so intent on watching the waiter that Destry’s touch makes her jump slightly. “Oh wow, I’m having a case of déjà vu or something.” Replies Lyla as she continues to keep an eye on the waiter. He glances up at her for just a second and then goes on about his business as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Once finished with the proper placement, the waiter turns to Marcus.

Excerpt 131

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 130) You’ve Got This

While they wait for the food, Destry shows Marcus the newspaper and stays on topic about his exhibit and how well received it is along with the fact they will be moving on to the next city tomorrow afternoon. Not once does she mention the resemblance of her Grandmother to the elderly woman in attendance. Lyla does not interject about it either.

“The food should be here in a minute and before it arrives, I do need to talk about something real quick.” Lyla says as she sits back down near Marcus. “I’m going to head home if that’s alright with you.”

“Why?” Marcus asks quickly. “You’re in very good hands and I’m not really needed here.” She smiles at Destry. “I should get back home and come to terms with my issues about the house. After all, I cannot live out of your loft forever you know!” Lyla takes his hand. “Your exhibit is a hit, you’re not forced to speak or even attend so you’ve got this.” She squeezes his hand and then there is a knock at the door. “That would be your food.” She jumps up and opens the door for the waiter.

“Good evening, Ma’am.” Says the waiter politely. A flash crosses over Lyla’s vision and she sees a wooden door opening to a bright room and hears the same tone of voice saying “Good evening, Ma’am.” The pitch is the same, but the accent is slightly different.

Excerpt 130

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 129) Three Is A Crowd

“Are you hungry? We can order room service so you can stay put and take it easy.” Offers Lyla. “Yeah actually, a thick steak sounds great.” He replies as he pulls himself up into a sitting position. Lyla grins at him. She knows if his appetite is good, he is about as back to normal as he can be. “How about I get that ordered and we can chat while we wait.” Lyla says. She fluffs pillows to place behind him for support and notices Destry and Marcus smiling at each other and she cannot help but laugh.

“And since neither of you have heard a word I’ve said I’ll go ahead and start the process, then I can leave you two alone.” Lyla grins. “What? Why?” asks Marcus apparently hearing the last statement she made. “I have a few things I want to do and quite frankly with your head split open I doubt you’re up for following me around.” Says Lyla as she sits down on the edge of the bed. She does not have any plans but since three is a crowd, and she knows they would never ask her to leave, she prefers to act as if she is too busy to stick around.

“But, I haven’t seen you for a couple of days and we have things to talk about.” Marcus says in a concerned manner. “Really? And what on earth do we need to talk about?” laughs Lyla. “Well, I. . .” stammers Marcus. “I rest my case.” She kisses him on the forehead. “I’m going to place an order, Destry you want anything, dessert maybe?”

“No, I’m fine.” Replies Destry as she watches Marcus intently. “Yeah okay,” says Lyla slowly as she giggles. “I’ll add a bottle of wine and some dessert to that order.” She grins as she grabs the phone and dials room service.

Excerpt 129

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 128) Similarity

Marcus rolls over in his bed and groans due to the pain of a throbbing headache. “Ahh, what time is it? I’ve lost an entire day.” He says to himself as he rolls over onto his back and places his arm over his head.

“It is late afternoon,” says Lyla as she approaches his bed and pushes his hair up from his forehead with her fingers. She and Destry just entered Marcus’ room only a few minutes ago and even though they were extremely careful, they must have made enough noise to stir him.

On their way up from the restaurant, Destry was asking Lyla about the old woman in the photograph. Unfortunately, she had such limited information about her that they could not solve the mystery. To Lyla, the only logical explanation is that this woman closely resembles Destry’s Grandmother and with her loss so great, she sees more similarity than is actually there.

“How’s Destry holding up?” he questions. “I’m here.” Replies Destry as she brings him a glass of cool water. “I’m so sorry, Marcus.” She says as she helps him take a sip from the glass. “I should not have allowed you to get involved with my personal issues. This would have never happened to you.”

“What can I say, being with you just knocks me out.” smiles Marcus as his wit starts to show. He then winces in pain.

Excerpt 128

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 127) Mocking Manner

“Look at the woman, the one standing at the back of the room.” Says Destry as she points out an elderly woman. Lyla recognizes her immediately. “I actually met her the night before this photo was taken; she’s staying here at the hotel.” Lyla says nonchalantly. “She’s very sweet.” Both Lyla and Destry continue to look at the picture. “Do you know her?” Lyla asks. “She is my Grandmother.” Destry says in a slow whispering voice as she continues to examine the page.

Crispin looks at Quinn and grins in a very sly way. They are sitting at the booth on the other side of the short wall and have heard the entire conversation between Lyla and Destry. “Well now Sir, I do wonder what it would take to discredit the mental stability of a grieving Granddaughter.” Quinn says in a very low voice as he grins and leans toward Crispin. “It does indeed make you wonder, doesn’t it?” replies Crispin in a mocking manner.

They have been reviewing the passages in Arrosa Valente’s notebook. He smiles as he looks down at it before slipping it back into the pocket of his jacket. As Crispin lifts his glass to take a drink, Lyla and Destry walk past them on their way to check on Marcus. With a quick nod to Quinn, both men sit idle until they can leave the restaurant without anyone noticing them.

Excerpt 127

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 126) Not Laughing

“Ah ha! I have two copies!” Says Destry as she slides back into the booth. Lyla was in such deep thought that Destry’s return and boisterous comment makes her jump but it goes unnoticed. “Let’s see what we have here.” Continues Destry as she searches for the article. Flipping through the paper, she gets to the third page where there is a two-page spread of the exhibit along with pictures. She is smiling as she looks at the photos when suddenly her face goes pale.

“Oh no, your expression completely changed.” Lyla says. “Do they have something listed wrong?” There is a slight pause as she waits for Destry to reply.

“What?” questions Destry slightly befuddled as she stares at the open page. “Destry, are you ok?” quizzes Lyla as she sees that Destry is clearly upset. “What is it?”

“There is a picture of you.” Destry says quietly. “Look.” She lays the paper down sideways so she and Lyla can view it together. “Wow, by the expression on your face, it must be pretty bad.” Teases Lyla as she leans in for a better view of the photograph, but Destry is not laughing at her joke.

Excerpt 126

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 125) Darker Areas

“I really like him.” Destry says about Marcus as she looks Lyla in the eyes. “I truly do.” She is very serious, to the point that Lyla almost laughs.

“I know.” Says Lyla as she nods, a wide grin covers her face. The attendant walks Lyla and Destry to a double row of booths that are divided by low walls allowing for some privacy.

“My Grandmother was so very strong and I just can’t accept that she let someone manipulate her into selling the vineyard.” Says Destry as she stirs her ice water with the drinking straw. “Do you know the person that bought it? Have you any leads on where to start if you do wish to pursue this as a legal issue?” Lyla asks as she glances around the room.

“No, my uncle and I are still trying to pull the details together. Oh, I almost forgot, I want to purchase today’s paper. My assistant said they did a spread of Marcus’ work and I want to pick him up a copy for his records. I’ll be right back.” Destry jumps up and walks over to the counter where she begins talking with the cashier.

Lyla glances out at the room and finds herself drawn to the darker areas and she knows why. She fears that whatever was following her last night, will return.

Excerpt 125

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 124) Blushed

Lyla and Destry help Marcus to his feet and onto the elevator. Within a few minutes, they get him upstairs and safely nestled into his room for a nice long nap. Both women decided to go back downstairs for lunch and to allow Marcus time to rest quietly.

“I’m so sorry about everything.” Destry says to Lyla. “I’m supposed to be supporting Marcus, getting him the media attention he deserves, and making his stay here second to none.”

“It’s okay, trust me. Marcus hates crowds and he told me he wants to be there for you.” says Lyla as she smiles wide. “I don’t think a concussion was on his list, but I know him very well and believe me, he is doing exactly what he wants to by supporting you, Destry.”

This statement causes Destry to smile and she looks slightly blushed as she peers around the dining room for a place to sit.

Excerpt 124

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 123) Drowsy

“I want to get that notebook back because it was an actual last will and testament. It explained everything that Destry’s Grandmother was going through and clearly stated Destry was to have the vineyard upon her demise.” Marcus says as he rubs his neck.

“He’s been prescribed pain medication so he is a bit drowsy and not making a whole lot of sense,” says Destry to Lyla as if she is not sure this journal really exists. “We didn’t find a book or journal anywhere around him either.” She continues as she shakes her head.

“There is a book, Destry. I had it in my hand.” He says as his voice drifts off. “We believe you, Marcus.” Says Lyla as she takes his hand. “But we don’t have the notebook, so right now, it’s a moot point.” Marcus shakes his head then holds his forehead as if he is feeling pain. “Maybe we should take him to his room.” Destry says as she once again softly touches his cheek with her fingertips.

“Yes, I agree, he needs to rest.” Says Lyla softly.

Excerpt 123

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 122) Weepy Tone

Due to her oversleeping and with half the day gone, Lyla decides to go downstairs to the hotel restaurant for a quick lunch. Just as she steps off the elevator, she runs into Marcus and Destry.

“Marcus! What on earth happened?” she questions as she runs toward him. Wide bands of white gauze encircle the top of his head and he looks incredibly pale. His steps are slow and deliberate and he is leaning on Destry for support. “I’m not really sure.” He replies in a weepy tone.

“My uncle and cousins were with me at the house discussing family matters while Marcus was upstairs browsing in Grandmother’s library.” Says Destry as she helps Marcus to the closest chair. “Next thing we know there is a loud sound and we ran upstairs to find him unconscious on the floor.” Gently she touches Marcus on the side of his face. “He has a pretty nasty cut on the back of his head.”

“Did you trip and hit something? With the injury on the back of your head you either got hit by someone or fell back onto something.” Lyla says as she inspects the bandage. “Honestly, I don’t really know. I recall finding a journal, or notebook, or something like that in an old photo album. It was written by Destry’s Grandmother and I wanted to show it to her but, I can’t really remember what happened next.” Marcus says in a mumble.

Excerpt 122

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 121) A Hindrance

“Ah yes, dear old Marcus is always getting in the way isn’t he.” Replies Crispin a bit annoyed. “Did he read the journal?” Quinn watches Crispin’s face carefully.“I’m sure he did.” States Crispin bluntly and not with much concern to his tone. “Well, if he remembers what he read, he could become a problem.” Says Quinn in a matter of fact way. “Do you need me to take care of him?”

“You are correct, he could possibly become a hindrance, but he took quite a blow to the back of the head. If he does start babbling about it, we may simply have to point out how ridiculous his rambling nonsense is.” Says Crispin as he flips through more of the pages. “Because of Lyla’s relationship with him, he has been given more chances than most. But as we know, a wise head keeps a shut mouth,” he grins as he looks at Quinn and holds the book up, “and a secret is a weapon and a friend.” Both men laugh as they continue on their way and Crispin tucks the book into his jacket.

Excerpt 121

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