The Eyes Of A Fetch 181-200

The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 200) Riddles

“I’m going to get you a bottle of water okay?” says Lyla as she starts to stand up. “No!” whispers Marnie as she tugs on Lyla’s arm pulling her to the floor. “Marnie, what has gotten into you lately?” says Lyla as she sits down hard.

“He’s here; he’s going to kill me!” Marnie leans up and peers over the counter looking at the front door.  She then turns and looks in the direction of the dark storage room and immediately drops back to the floor grabbing Lyla’s shoulders pulling her within inches of her face. Marnie’s breath is an awful mixture of alcohol, garlic, and bad hygiene. Lyla does all she can to not breath in the stench but it quickly becomes too much. She slowly pushes Marnie’s hands off her shoulders and leans away from her.

“I’m trying to help but you keep talking in riddles.” Says Lyla as she keeps her distance. “I don’t have a clue of what or who you’re talking about.” Marnie stares at Lyla with a blank expression and the look in her eyes is one of hopelessness. She starts to cry.

“You don’t remember?” she asks Lyla in a whisper. “You don’t remember any of it?” Her voice sounds odd almost gruff and her eyes grow big. The look on Marnie’s face is wild and very uncharacteristic. She has always been melodramatic but this is the worst Lyla has ever seen. She looks at Lyla’s hands and face as if studying them for a clue. Then she slowly pushes backward away from Lyla before standing up very quickly. Lyla follows and stands up as well but not before Marnie pushes her to the side and makes a run for the door.

Excerpt 200

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 199) He’s Here

“Marnie, what on earth?” exclaims Lyla as she watches her friend dunk behind the sales counter. She can hear her sobbing and moving around so Lyla approaches slowly. “Marnie, what is wrong?” Lyla whispers as not to surprise her in any way. She glances back at the door to see if the large dog she encountered earlier in the morning could be the culprit of Marnie’s hysterical state.

“He’s coming to get me, he’s here, and I saw him!” she stammers as tears run down her cheeks. Marnie is sitting on the floor, knees curled up as she holds them with her pale arms. She is a wreck, mascara smudges cover her eyes and her hair looks as if she has not combed it in days. Her eyes are wild, looking around frantically at the little shelves and storage places, as if someone might be in there hiding. One word comes to mind as Lyla watches Marnie’s frightening display, insanity.

“Who is coming, Marnie?” Lyla asks calmly as she kneels down next to her. She reaches out and takes Marnie’s hand. “You’re okay, Marnie.” Lyla sits with her in silence for several minutes waiting for her friends breathing to slow so they can have a calm conversation. From the way the sun is hitting the floor as it shines through the gallery window, it must be around eight in the morning. More sounds can be heard from outside as shop owners and employees make their way to work.

Excerpt 199

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 198) The Spectacle

On the street is a trash truck making loud clanking sounds as it goes from one garbage container to another picking up and dumping trash on its weekly run. Lyla is stunned and unsure of what she just experienced. Was someone here? She is at the railing, looking down at the gallery. If this were a dream, would she not have awoken on the sofa? Was she sleepwalking? She stands up and walks over to the stairs to leave. Halfway down there is a sudden rapping on the glass door.

“Lyla let me in! Let me in!” screams Marnie from outside. She is hammering her fists on the glass door with such force, Lyla fears she will break through. Even with all the mechanical sounds of the pounding and thumping from the trash truck, Marnie’s screams are loud and clear.

As Lyla opens the door, Marnie thrust herself inside practically knocking Lyla off her feet. The trash man and two other individuals arriving at their jobs stop to watch the spectacle Marnie is displaying. Lyla closes the door behind her and turns around.

Excerpt 198

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 197) Odd Tension

Due to all of the activity in the past few hours, Lyla chooses to stay at the art shop for the remainder of the early morning hours. The last thing she wants is to confront the angry dog again so she walks upstairs to the loft, lies back on the sofa and closes her eyes. Even though she is now very tired, she does not intend to fall asleep. Her goal is to relax for a moment and let some time pass before going home. After several minutes, she hears a sound from the gallery below and leans up to peek over the railing. Someone is at the front door and they are jiggling the handle as if turning the lock. When the door pops open, a man enters the building. It is so dark Lyla is not able to distinguish who this is until he switches the light on.

“Marcus?” She sits up straight and he looks up at her. “How did you get here so fast? I thought you said you wouldn’t be in town until much later today.” Lyla watches intently as her friend stands quietly looking up without saying a single word. “What?” She questions surprised he has not spoken to her. “Did jetlag get the better of you?” She says as she leans over the railing with a huge smile across her lips. That is when she notices it. There is a strange glimmer in his eyes and any likeness he has to Marcus is now slowly being replaced with the face of a stranger. An odd tension forms in the air as a ripple of fear quickly encircles Lyla like a blast of strong wind.

Pressure consumes her instantly and she feels frozen in place unable to speak or move. The air seems too thick to breath and she feels pain in her lungs. She cannot fight the heaviness and begins to lose consciousness when a loud crashing sound jars her out of this attack. Instantly the man disappears and Lyla finds herself looking down at the empty gallery floor where streaks of early morning sunlight streams in from outside.

Excerpt 197

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 196) Twin Flowers

“Really, that’s funny; the guy that was just here is from Ireland. I wonder if he would know anything about this business. Let’s see if there are any details on here.” Lyla says to herself as she tips the billing invoice toward the dim light.

“Large painting ready for pick up on Friday. Duff picked it up one day early on Thursday.” Continues Lyla as she reads aloud. “Twin flowers.” She pauses slightly. “Hum, that could easily be the title of the painting hanging over my fireplace.” She laughs not realizing this note is indeed in reference to her painting. Not only that, but it was ordered and paid for by the Irishman she was just speaking to.

Other than finding the invoice, Lyla comes up empty handed as far as any extra details are concerned. She decides to place the paper in the cash register so she will remember to ask Marcus about it.

Excerpt 196

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 195) Constant Company

“Well now that you’re safe and sound, it is best that I go along my way, for constant company wears out its welcome. Do take care.” Says Crispin as he unlatches the door and steps outside.

“Please be careful, and thank you.” Says Lyla “Oh, but I didn’t catch your name!” she yells just as he closes the shop door. She quickly walks over and looks out as she engages the lock but does not see her newfound friend anywhere. Thankfully, the dog appears to be gone as well. Not thinking much of it, she goes back to the counter where she flips through the files looking for the invoice that reads, duplicate painting.

“Oh I wish I hadn’t filed it because now I can’t remember the name of the company.” She continues to flip through the folders and variety of statements that are in order per letter of the alphabet. The last invoice in the D section is for Duff Industries out of Ireland and she pulls it out of the box.

Excerpt 195

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 194) Your Story

Crispin cannot divulge the truth and reason for his early morning stroll for it involves watching her, manipulating her dreams as she sleeps, and his profound desire to get closer. Thus, he poses this scenario.  “I suppose my walking problem is due to jet lag. What’s your story for being out and about antagonizing a dog the size of a horse?” he questions as he turns to look outside. Lyla brings the box out from the back room.

“I couldn’t sleep, and since my friend who owns this gallery and his new love interest are returning tomorrow,” Lyla stops and looks up in thought as she tips her head left then right. Her pause makes Crispin slightly nervous but he soon realizes it has nothing to do with him. Once she deduces the timing of Marcus and Destry’s arrival she continues,

“Which I suppose is actually later today,” she grins. “I thought I’d come in and get a few things organized for him.” She plops the box on the counter. Crispin smiles and is glad to hear Marcus is bringing Destry here. It will make his job all the easier but most of all he will be able to focus more of his time on Lyla than he originally thought. However, he still needs to find a way to help her understand the truth about him once her memories return. The last thing he wants is for her to run in the other direction.

Excerpt 194

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 193) Avoids Answering

Lyla and Crispin stand there looking at each other as energy begins to build in the air around them. He so very badly wants to win her back and to help her understand his world and his purpose. Most importantly, he wants her to realize how significant she is to him and how he longs to reach out and hold her.

“You know, I have a sneaking suspicion that you’re not from around here,” she says sarcastically as she shakes her finger at him in a teasing manner. For some reason Lyla is now feeling very comfortable and at ease, as if this stranger is an old friend.

“I have no idea how you guessed that!” Crispin replies in his thick Irish accent. He laughs and says, “You must have psychic abilities.”

“Of course, that’s why I feel the need to ask so many questions.” She laughs. “So what brings you here, to this little town and a walk at two a.m.?” Lyla asks as she steps into the back room to grab the box of invoices from the shelf.

“I own a little place, a cottage, just to the west of town and use it as my haven when in the states.” He responds honestly hoping this might trigger her memory. He cleverly avoids answering why he was out at this time of the morning.

Excerpt 193

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 192) Bit Of Banter

Crispin desperately wants Lyla to recall their past, particularly the strong feelings they shared for each other. Mostly, he cherishes the night they spent at the cottage a mere six months ago. That night was magical as they sat up until the wee hours of the morning talking and sharing stories until they both became too tired to continue. He held her in his arms for the first time and continued to do so even after she fell asleep. He knows they are supposed to be together and feels they fell in love that night. This is what he wants her to remember. It is what he wants her to want.

“The dog in gone now, I should probably be going.” He says softly and without urgency. “I don’t mean to be rude, but what were you doing out here at two in the morning?” she asks. There is a slight pause before Crispin answers. “I believe I could ask the same of you.” He replies. As he turns to look at her, he grins because he knows to expect a bit of banter.

Lyla cannot help the overwhelming feeling that she somehow knows this man. Stepping closer to him, she studies his features, which surprises Crispin a little. He begins to think, just for a moment as they stand there face to face that she remembers, but he is wrong.

“We’ll I’m lucky you came along and I appreciate the assistance.” She says with a smile.

Excerpt 192

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 191) Form Of Amnesia

Quinn does a good job at erasing the memories of anyone affected by Crispin’s travels throughout the world. It is a type of hypnosis that he imposes onto the unsuspecting victims to remove specific recollections and thoughts. Some stronger willed individuals are not quite as susceptible, for instance Marnie; she is left with snippets of thoughts that do not quite make sense. This is what can create the appearance of insanity.

Lyla would be much like Marnie, for she too would not have easily surrendered to Quinn’s ploy. However, she and Marcus both suffered injuries and slight concussions due to flying and falling debris from the powerful storm. It is this form of amnesia, mixed with what Quinn dealt out, that keeps their memories strictly suppressed.

What Crispin wants most is for Lyla to remember the good things they experienced together those many months ago. Even if it is just long enough for him to explain his actions so she can look past the bad. When he and Lyla collided in Madrid, he felt the same jolt of energy she did. He knows this to be true because he saw the look in her eyes and he is hopeful this is an indication of wonderful things to come.

Excerpt 191

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 190) His True Self

Still looking out the shop door, Crispin dips his head down in disappointment, for he is not appearing to Lyla as anyone other than his true self. It is not that he believes she will know him immediately, nor does he think things will be perfect once she actually realizes who he is, especially after what he has done.

What he despises most is that he allowed his anger to get the better of him the night of the party. He had become frustrated with everyone, Penny, Marnie, and then Marcus, even the cat. He knows that evening will mar Lyla’s acceptance of him in some way. That is if she is even able to remember and if she does, he must help her understand it all. He turns his head slightly to the side to answer her question.

“I’m not sure, have we?” His voice trails off as he again looks out the window.

When they crossed paths in Madrid Spain, he was as his true self then as well. However, the majority of his face was hidden behind the collar of his coat and they did not speak to each other. Since he is not facing her now, he does not expect her to realize that yes; they do indeed know each other very well.

Excerpt 190

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 189) Have We Met

“Where in the world did he come from?” says Lyla about the dog that is now barking and pacing just outside the door. She looks in the direction of the mysterious man whose eyes are fixed on the dog as well, but he does not say a word. On the sales counter is a little lamp that Lyla switches on for a hint of lighting. She is still shaking from the experience but wants to open a line of communication with the man who helped her. After all, she has let this stranger in the building with her.

“Thank you so much for saving me. I thought I was done for.” Lyla smiles as she watches the man for a reaction.

“I’m glad to be of assistance.” Says Crispin as he turns to face her and then smiles slightly. He turns back to look out at the street, wondering if Lyla will recognize him.

Feeling strange, she believes she knows this man but is not sure. His voice and accent sound very familiar but standing here with him, locked inside the art shop together, makes her nervous.

“Have we met?” She asks.

Excerpt 189

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 188) Darts Inside

At this point, Lyla decides to run, which is something you are never supposed to do when afraid of a dog. As expected, the dog is now snarling, showing his teeth, and he bolts towards her at an alarming rate of speed. She is about to round the corner of the building when a man steps out in front of her startling her and she stops. With his back to her and his arms spread wide he holds his hands out to the side in a protective way. Without looking, he motions for her to get to the shop door as he keeps himself between her and the vicious dog.

Hastily, Lyla rushes for the door, inserts the key in the lock and immediately darts inside with the man directly behind her. He slams the door shut just as the dog jumps up making a loud rattling sound on the windows. Saliva from the dogs extreme barking splatters the glass as it jumps up as if pounding on the window. The barking is enough to raise the entire town out of their slumber but so far, no lights have come on from the neighboring homes or loft apartments.

Excerpt 188

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 187) Serious Situation

Up ahead and across the main street from the art shop, she notices movement. Squinting her eyes, she hopes to obtain more clarity on the situation, and she does. Next to the garden shop is a trash bin and rummaging through it is a rather large dog.

Worried that he may be wild and dangerous, she quickens her pace and starts to ease her keys out of her pocket. As she does this the keychain jingles slightly alerting the dog that she is there. He looks up, his eyes glowing from the light of the streetlamp, and he starts to growl.

Instantly, Lyla increases her pace. What is normally an uneventful walk has now become a serious situation, for this animal is huge in size. He looks big, possibly a mix between a Great Dane and Rottweiler. He is also showing serious signs of aggression as he growls deeply and stops what he is doing to observe Lyla’s movements.

The bad thing here is that she knows if she does not make it to the door in time, then this animal could easily tear her apart. With just a few steps to go she will be at the corner of the building, and will then have ten feet to the shop door. There will be no time to fumble with the lock.

Excerpt 187

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 186) To Investigate

Lyla finds it very difficult to fall back to sleep and she is plagued with thoughts of the invoice she found at Marcus’ shop. With the fire practically out, she covers the last embers with ash exhausting any coals that may still be hot. She pulls on a pair of pants and a sweater and decides to go to the shop to investigate further.

With it being two o’clock in the morning, she is very careful to be as quiet as possible as she makes her way out of her garden gate. The air is cool, almost chilly and the sky is black and never ending. Her walk is silent except for the occasional dog barking off in the distance. However, when she rounds the corner and is on the street that runs alongside the art gallery, her senses seem to increase. She is definitely on edge.

Looking around she does not see anyone but has a strong impression that someone is following her. This town is so small that most people do not lock their doors at night and the local authorities spend most of their time at city fundraisers due to the small amount of crime that exists here. Yet, Lyla feels very uneasy and full of anxiety.

Excerpt 186

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 185) Just As It Was

“No!” screams Lyla as she jumps out of bed holding a pillow in front of her as if it were a weapon. Instantly, she puts her arms out as if to push someone away. Her face is damp and clammy from beads of sweat that have formed along her brow. Quickly she realizes no one is there. She is alone in her room except for Smokey who looks up from her slumber for just a second or two, then puts her head back down and closes her eyes.

Lyla’s entire body is moist and warm as she stands there looking around. The fire is low but not out and the room feels comfortable, not cold or damp. Slowly she sits down on the edge of the bed and thinks about what just happened. As she looks over in the direction of the bedroom door, it is clear that it has not moved. It is just as it was when she laid down for the night. Nobody came in the room, nothing has been disturbed, and Smokey is as calm as ever.

“It was a nightmare, it had to be.” Lyla thinks to herself as she gets up and walks to the bathroom. She runs cool water on a washcloth and wipes it over her face as she looks at her reflection in the mirror. “What is going on with me?” she says to herself as she leans on the vanity.

Excerpt 185

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 184) Intense Heat

Looking down, Lyla tries to deduce why she cannot step forward, and that is when she sees two shiny black shoes stop within an inch of her bare toes. A man is standing directly in front of her. Afraid of what she might see, slowly she begins to lift her head as her eyes follow the man’s legs to his chest and arms up to the collar of his shirt.

She feels faint and no matter how hard she tries, her eyes will not travel beyond the white stiff collar. She begins to panic now that he is extending his arms to embrace her. The cold and fear that had engulfed her just seconds ago has now changed to intense heat and energy.

He holds her very close in his arms. His legs and torso touching hers as his strength wraps around her body, it feels as if he is going to pass through her. She cannot speak or move and is completely helpless in his grasp.

Excerpt 184

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 183) Choked Whisper

Lyla’s spine is tingling as goose bumps explode along her arms and legs. In a frozen state she stares at the apparition in the doorway. She cannot believe her eyes as she stands there tense and shivering. Is she truly seeing her deceased friend in the entrance to her bedroom?

“Penny?” says Lyla in a choked whisper. Her throat feels thick and she is finding it hard to breath. This specter does not look directly at her as her obese size consumes the path to the hall. Her form appears to be solid, just as she did when alive, but her pale expressionless face is intimidating as she stands there looking past everything.

Unsure of what to do Lyla begins to step toward the foot of the bed, very cautious not to approach what appears to be Penny. Chills run up Lyla’s legs as this apparition turns to look her in the eye and that is when, once again, her face begins to change. Slices of light cut into Penny’s cheeks as all features fade to a murky gray and blood begins to seep out from her skull dripping onto her clothes. She reaches out to Lyla as she lets out a horrific painful scream!  

“Oh God, Penny. . . what’s happening?” Lyla yells as she tries to step forward but her legs feel as if they are bound to the floor. Again, she attempts to lift them but is only able to pull them an inch off the floorboards before they feel too heavy to move.

Excerpt 183

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 182) Disconnected

There it is again and this time the creaking sounds like it is right outside in the hall. Slowly, Lyla sits up in bed watching the door. The fire seems to dim dramatically causing the room to become dark very fast. Slowly the door begins to move and Lyla sees a hand pushing it open. Someone is in the house! A rush of fear comes over her as she slides out of bed putting her bare feet on the floor. She is about to stand up when Marnie enters her room.

“Marnie?” says Lyla very confused as to how she could have gotten back in without her key. Why would she have come back? “Are you okay? What are you doing here?”

Lyla is very concerned not only for Marnie’s safety but for her own, has Marnie gone mad? Has she become so disconnected from reality that she would harm someone or even herself? As Lyla stands up, she realizes Marnie’s features are changing and she is no longer the individual standing in the doorway. It is Penny!

Excerpt 182

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 181) Does Not React

Folding the sheets down on the bed, Lyla piles her pillows up near the headboard and grabs her laptop. Lying back on the fluffy mound she created, she starts reading the local news. This does not hold her interest for very long as she remembers the invoice she found earlier at Marcus’ shop.

“Oh what was the name of that company? Something Industries I think.” she says aloud. Smokey makes a small sound as if questioning what Lyla said, much like a little old lady saying “hum?” and this makes Lyla laugh. “Are you trying to add to my one-sided conversation little one?” Lyla says as she closes her laptop down for the night. “I can’t think anymore, it’s time for lights out.”

She rolls over and sets her laptop on the night table then punches down one of the pillows to rest her head on. She lies there silently, gazing at the fire. It seems like she has been in that position for a long time but she cannot seem to fall asleep. Watching the dancing lights of the flames, she tries to think of the name on the invoice but nothing is coming to mind. The house has been very quiet and calm for quite some time now and she is about to drift off to sleep.

Ever so slightly, there is a creaking sound out in the hallway. She looks over to see if it could be Smokey on her nightly rounds, but the cat is curled up and sleeping next to her on the bed. In fact, Smokey is quiet and does not react at all to the sound Lyla just heard.

Excerpt 181

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